BLUES chairman Don Woodward said he's not been given a timeframe by the football authorities as to when a verdict in their dispute with Bristol Rovers is likely to be made.

Claims from the Pirates that Wanderers breached third party ownership regulations during the transfer of Matt Phillips to Blackpool in 2010 are currently being investigated by the FA and the Football League.

The investigation has been going on for a month with a resolution seemingly some way from being made.

Woodward said he appreciated the lack of news is frustrating to supporters but said it's a necessity if the process to be concluded smoothly.

And he reassured fans that he's still confident there's nothing to be worried about.

Woodward said: "There was a haste at the beginning but the reality was there wasn't going to be anything that would have an effect on the leagues.

"They have to be considered in all the things they do. They have asked us lots of questions, we've answered them all and they haven't rushed to ask us any more.

"I haven't been pushing them to hurry and resolve it. I don't want to publicly pressure the FA, I'd rather they did their job.

"It's difficult to be frustrated if you want the authorities to do their job correctly. We have to respect the way they do things."