WASPS have announced they will drop ‘London’ from their name and revert to just Wasps.

The move is intended to help them create a ‘clearer identity’.

Chief executive Nick Eastwood said: “Wasps is a well-established and well-respected brand which is strong enough to stand alone.

“For almost 150 years we have been known throughout the rugby world as Wasps; even since the re-branding of the club to London Wasps in 1999 people have still referred to us as Wasps, so we feel we are in keeping with the history of the club.

“During the close season, we have been looking at ways to build the Wasps brand, with a focus on delivering consistency across all marketing and communications channels.

“The design team is pleased with the effect this small change has had in creating a bolder, cleaner logo with a strong visual impact.”

There were calls for Wasps to rebrand themselves Wycombe Wasps when Steve Hayes was the owner, although he insisted that was a decision for the fans.

This decision though will no doubt raise further questions about where the club will be based in the future.

The club are at Adams Park next season and can extend their stay in Wycombe beyond that, but they have been open about looking for a venue they can own themselves, with the potential for greater revenue streams.