GARETH Ainsworth said tomorrow is all about his players boosting their fitness and getting to know each other as Wanderers play their first pre season friendly.

Blues' players have a week of pre season training under their belts and travel to Cheshunt for the first of seven friendlies they will play before the campaign kicks off on August 9.

Ainsworth said the early games will have a focus on the team getting to understand each other's game after a busy summer with plenty of comings and goings.

The Wanderers supremo said: "A big thing here is it will be a time for people to get to know people. With 12 going and five, six, seven coming in they'll all have to get to know each other pretty quickly.

"You start to see what your new players are good at - different things you see every day rather than just in games - then we'll establish a way around how we are going to go about things this season.

"Pre season's a very important time to get to know where people are comfortable, what combinations work. I'll be working on that big time this pre season.

"It'll be tough, as pre season always is. It's a time to get people fit."

Tomorrow's game, which kicks off at 1pm, was set up as part of the deal which took Tommy Fletcher from Cheshunt to Adams Park last season.