GARY Doherty said he's over the injury nightmare that prematurely ended his season last year.

The former Ireland international missed the last three years of last season after breaking his arm and dislocating his elbow taking a tumble during the 1-0 win over champions Chesterfield.

He's spent pre season sporting a bandage designed to give his arm some extra support, but insists he's good to go for the start of the new campaign.

The former Tottenham man said: "I can probably not wear it but in my head it makes me feel I have a bit more support.

"I've taken a few tumbles during the summer so I knew it was healed.

"I couldn't really force myself to fall on the floor and see how it is. Thankfully during pre season training I've had a few bangs on it and there's no problems with it. The elbow's sometimes a bit stiff but apart from that it's fine."