GAZ is a nickname that won't be heard around Adams Park anymore after Gareth Ainsworth told his players to address him as gaffer in a bid to improve team discipline.

As a Wycombe player Ainsworth was universally known as Gaz and initially was happy for his former team mates to continue to refer to him by his nickname even after taking the managerial hotseat.

But he admitted last season it became hard to assert his position of authority because of that and a resulting laid back attitude and lack of discipline had near disastrous consequences, as Blues spent much of the second half of the campaign battling the drop.

With a new squad and a new season now starting, Ainsworth has asked his men to refer to him as gaffer to underline the fact he's the one in charge.

He said: "The respect last year got close to the line, shall I say. I thrived on discipline all my career and I believe the discipline could have been better last year, and it definitely is better this year.

"The discipline is very important. Good players will crave discipline, they crave instruction and they crave coaching and we give all these things with me being the gaffer.

"This is going to be a tighter ship with fewer people so it's going to be easier to manage. Getting so many new players has helped that transition.

"Some of the older players, it's taken them a little while to get used to it. It's gaffer now from everyone, which sets it apart from Gaz the team mate who was last year and the year before. It's something I wanted to do and I've put in place."