Saturday saw an impressive win for Beaconsfield against new league opposition, Reading. The visitors dominated the game producing some of their best rugby so far this season.

The game started with some slick passing from both sides, Beaconsfield got the first penalty just outside the 22 which went narrowly wide of the post but then surged into a 0-12 lead

Not speaking too soon, Reading used their forwards and got the ball down for their only try 5-12.

An excellent scrummage on the left then allowed the ball to pass quickly to the right for Dan Cady to get the third try 5-17. Reading began to look a little out of breath as Beaconsfield were running the ball in both left and right.

The second half began with Beaconsfield in command and some lovely interplay in the backs and a reverse pass saw Jack Beard go over for his try 5-22. The excellent quality of play has to be stressed from the visitors, this time giving the full back Joe Brawn a right hand try 5-27 ten minutes into the second half before easing to 5-41 to maintain their excellent start to the season.