NEW Wanderers owner Steve Hayes has told the club’s full time ‘moaning minority’ that he has got no time for them in his vision for the club’s future.

He says he wants to embrace the club’s positive supporters – and says he won’t allow himself or his colleagues to get dragged down by the consistently negative element.

Hayes used to be a regular contributor on the supporters’ Gasroom internet chatroom, but he has been frequently attacked on it by a section of the club’s support who, he says, refuse to see any good in anything he or the club does.

Now, after winning his takeover battle, he has called for fans to get behind the club.

He said: “The fans have made their decision [Monday night’s vote to give the club to him] and if they want to continue to knock the club I want to marginalise them.

“For every one of the negative people on the message boards there are plenty of positive fans.

“The Gasroom is counter productive. It doesn’t work and it doesn’t achieve anything.

“If the people who spend all of their time moaning on there were to put just five per cent of that effort into doing something positive for the club we would be very grateful.

“They feel they have been wronged and they love to talk about things that aren’t right and ignore all the good things.

“I need to concentrate on people that want to help and I want to work with supporters who want to see the club go forward.

“I respect people’s opinions, but there are clearly some people who think they have been wronged and who will criticise everything.