GARETH Ainsworth says AFC Wimbledon fans shouldn't boycott their FA Cup tie against MK Dons.

Next month's second round tie will be the first time the sides have met each other since the original Wimbledon's controversial franchise move to Buckinghamshire in 2003 and the formation of a new club to carry on their spirit.

Many fans of the new Dons have said they will turn their backs on the game.

But Ainsworth, who played in the Premiership for the Crazy Gang, has encouraged fans to turn out in numbers - adding he may even join them in the stands at stadium:mk.

He said: "I know there's a few fans saying they are boycotting it - I'm not sure, they should be proud of what they have achieved and what they have built and see what happens.

"I've always said there's only one Wimbledon and that's AFC Wimbledon. MK Dons took the league position of the old Wimbledon - the league quickly put a stop to that and it won't happen again.

"They've done well, they have formed a club up in MK but it's always in Milton Keynes. It's not a Dons to me, the only Dons are AFC Wimbledon."

Ainsworth added: "It's probably the biggest tie the second round's had for a while. I'll definitely be a keen spectator. I may even turn up for that one as an ex player and see what's going on."