A massive home win kept Beaconsfield top of the Southern Counties league on Saturday when they easily overcame visitors Stow on the Wold.

They put nine tries over their guests leaving them somewhat stunned after 90 minutes of compelling and absorbing rugby.

The match had started well for both sides exchanging play in both halves, Stow got an early penalty but missed the opportunity to open the scoring.

The home side moved the ball back up to the halfway line, the early play was disjointed with the backs waiting for the chance to run the ball in the first twenty five minutes.

Aled Lewis then started to take the initiative producing some piercing kicks into the Stow 22. The visitors then lost the lineout allowing the Beaconsfield backs to get the ball out to the right winger Alex Enright  who ran it over under the posts 7-0 on the half hour. Following this Beaconsfield had to sub their number 13 Jack Beard with a leg injury.

Then Lewis himself took possession scoring the second try from a similar move 12-0.

Next the forwards carried the ball forward with Shaun Morgan finishing it off under the posts 19-0 with the conversion.

Then Lewis produced another penetrating kick putting the home side deep into Stow's 22 which gave more opportunity to attack the visitors line coming within five metres of a try.

After half time Beaconsfield were now playing into the wind towards the clubhouse end and would have to keep the ball more in hand, but at the same time Stow had a real task on their hands to get back into the game.

Beaconsfield then resumed where they had left off in the first half with another try from winger Dan Cady with Morgan in support 24-0. Conversions were much harder in this second half against the wind.

The next try came from the full back, Matt Brown virtually in the same place as the previous try 29-0. Stow were becoming more demoralised with the endless attacks.

Stow tried a high kick off but Beaconsfield sent the ball back to the half way line, took control and run the ball into the left corner this time, Ryan Morgan the scorer 34-0.

Stow didn't seem to have any response to Beaconsfield's play with the tries coming fast and furious, Lewis was getting close with the conversions but the strong wind made it difficult. Straight away the next try repeated the previous, ball from the backs quickly out to the left then into the corner 39-0, this try was then disallowed for an off the ball incident, back to 34-0.

This reduced the home side to fourteen players with one in the sin bin for ten minutes.

Stow then tried to use their forwards with this advantage pushing Beaconsfield back into their 22. but not able to fully use this advantage.

Then with ten minutes to go Beaconsfield regain the ball scoring again 39-0 this time, the conversion again just misses the post with the wind adjustment.

Without time to breathe number 12 Charlie Bawn goes over for a very clean clinical try 44-0 and Lewis this time converted for 46-0. As if with poetic justice Lewis finished the scoring with his own try again very patient move gives him 51-0 and then capped it with the conversion 53-0.