The brutal murder of a nurse found gagged, handcuffed and beaten to death 20 years ago today (Friday) is being reinvestigated after new DNA evidence came to light.

A fresh police appeal has been launched, with the family of murdered Janet Brown hopeful that police can bring the killer to justice.

The mother-of-three was found dead in her home in Radnage, near Chinnor, a day later on April 11, 1995, with the devastating discovery sending shockwaves through the village.

Announcing the fresh appeal and a potential reward of £20,000 for information during a press conference yesterday, was head of Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Investigation Review Team, Peter Beirne.

He said: "The whole purpose of this appeal is the fact that somebody out there knows who the offender is, or have suspicions as to who the offender is, and what we are asking is with those suspicions please make contact.

"It really is very easy for us to eliminate people simply by taking a mouth swab, and, ultimately we are hoping that through the public that one of the calls we get names the person responsible."

"The investigator was joined by Mrs Brown's two daughters, Roxanne and Zara, who read a pre-prepared statement saying their mother’s death ‘broke their hearts’.

Mrs Brown, who worked at Oxford University, had been alone in the family’s large house on the evening of the murder.

Her husband, Graham, was away in Switzerland working at the time, while two of her children no longer lived at the property and her youngest daughter, Roxanne, was at a friend’s house.

It is believed the attack happened between 8pm and 10pm, before her naked body was discovered by a builder and his teenage son the following day.

Police have also suggested a mass-screening could take place in the area, in a bid to catch the killer.

Mr Beirne said: "The circumstances to the offence are somewhat strange as it’s unusual for an attack to take place at ones home in the early evening when most people are up and awake.

"Despite a full investigation at the time, the offender remains undetected. The Major Crime Investigation Review Team commenced a review in relation to the circumstances surrounding Janet’s death.

"Part of that review involved putting items for further forensic tests in the hope that we could utilise advances in forensic science in the intervening 20 years.

"Some of those tests revealed the DNA profile which doesn’t belong to the family. We believe that that evidence provides strong support linking the offender to the scene.

"Using that evidence, I would appeal to the public to please make contact with the police or Crimestoppers with any suspicions you have on who may have committed this heinous offence.

"It is very simple for us to either eliminate or implicate anyone, it’s just a matter of seeing them, obtaining a DNA profile from them whereby they can either be eliminated or implicated."