Two major community players in Marlow have joined forces in a bid to come up with a final solution to the towns parking woes.

The Marlow Chamber of Commerce announced it has paired up with the Marlow society to come up with a collective parking proposal to present to the authorities.

This comes after the Bucks County Council told the Marlow Free Press that key groups in the town needed to ‘speak with one voice’ if the problem is ever to be resolved.

A number of short term options are under discussion including reducing High Street parking from one hour to 30 minutes and to offer 1 hour free parking in all car parks expect Court Gardens, on Pound Lane.

The groups are also investigating the option of designating Court Gardens as a long term car park and lower the charges for longer stays; and implement a system which informs people which car parks have spaces.

Longer term options of a park and ride from a multi-storey car park in Globe Park and three level car parks – one going underground – in Liston Road and behind Sainsbury’s on West Street are also under consideration.

Mr Thornby said: “Ever since on road and off road parking got split between the two councils it has been more difficult for residents to go to the powers that be.

“We decided to formulate a group made up of residents and businesses to come up with a proposal because we thought if we don’t then no one will.

“I was pleased to see that many of the proposals put forward by the Town Council were similar to ours so hopefully we will get someone from the town council to join the group too.”

The chamber and Marlow Society plan to organise a meeting with both councils so their ideas can be presented collectively.