A disabled pensioner could be forced to pay more than a thousand pounds after her brand new Mercedes hit a pothole - in the same week as the BFP launched an investigation into the state of the county's roads.

Marlow resident Lorna Blake was travelling down the Wycombe Road in West Wycombe from Stoke Mandeville Hospital last week when her new car - with only 600 miles on the clock - struck a pothole which such force she thought she had been hit by a car.

The damage caused to the hubcap and tyre cost the former teacher around £700, which she says may run in to thousands if mechanics discover further damage to the suspension.

Mrs Blake, who has lived in Marlow for over 30 years, questioned what the council is doing to alleviate the problem across the county.

She said: “It went off like a bang. I thought I had been hit from behind – it gave me such a fright. What are the council doing to sort the problem out? They do little patch jobs but then months later you have got big holes there.

“The roads round where I live in Marlow have been terrible for two years.

“I pay top rates but nothing gets done to the roads. I feel sick about what happened to my car.”

It comes as council chiefs insisted they were doing what they can to fix the problem.

The BFP has since called for motorists to nominate black spots across south Bucks.

Some of the worst affected areas in High Wycombe were Daws Hills Lane and Mill End Lane, with other areas in the town centre have been pointed out by readers.

But Transport for Bucks remained adamant that roads were checked regularly for potholes and were repaired as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for TfB said: “Obviously, some defects will occur in between inspections, and for these we welcome the help of the public to report them so we can arrange for repair if necessary.

“During January, 2110 pothole repairs were completed throughout Buckinghamshire. 790 of these were in the Wycombe area.

“In February so far, 2100 have been completed throughout the county, with 702 of these in the Wycombe area.

"If you are unfortunate enough to hit a pothole whilst driving and suffer damage to your vehicle, then you can call our contact centre on the number above to arrange for the relevant forms to be issued and process to be followed.”

Report potholes at www.buckscc.gov.uk/telltfb, or call 01296 382416.

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