Marlow Town Council has so far failed to reveal why long awaited improvements to a popular shopping street in Marlow have been delayed and seem to have spirralled to more than £60,000 more than originally planned.

Last month it was revealed that the makeover of Spittal Street – originally costed at around £100,000 – is now understood to have snowballed to £162,000 following a freedom of information request to councils.

After repeated attempts to obtain an explanation for the rising costs and delays, the town council admitted that it would not be able to provide answers for at least another week.

The improvements to Spittal Street were unveiled as part of the town council’s joint effort with Wycombe Dsitrict Council and Shanly-owned Sorbon Estates in January last year and were initially planned to go ahead in April 2015.

However the only reason given for the delay so far is difficulties in arranging the costs, with Cllr Richard Scott insisting there is a very good reason for the dramatic increase.

Plans include updated street lighting, widening of pavements, a 'pedestrian-friendly' shared space zone halfway along the stretch of road and cosmetic upgrades to crossings and signs.