A fresh parking system which has been successfully used throughout Europe could be in the pipeline for Marlow.

Cllr Richard Scott said he has pitched the idea of a disc scheme for time limited parking bays to Bucks County Council - which oversees on street parking.

The initiative will see residents and visitors display a disc which indicates what time they parked up - similar to the process followed by disabled badge holders - making it difficult for motorists to breach the time restrictions.

Cllr Scott believes this will encourage a higher turnaround of vehicles in streets which have time limited bays in Marlow including the High Street and The Causeway – although is still awaiting feedback from BCC.

He said: “One of the problems the county council has is that if they want to put a ticket on someone’s car where there is a restriction, they have to allow an hour and 10 minutes from when they saw the vehicle.

“What is needed is some way of indicating to the traffic warden when the motorist arrived. It is popular on the continent.”

This is one of a number of parking options the town council is exploring for Marlow along with a multi-storey car park for the area.

In the meantime the Marlow Chamber of Commerce and the Marlow Society has urged Marlovians to have their say in a vital survey designed to come up with a joined up parking solution for the town.

Residents have until Thursday, March 24 to answer the survey which can be accessed here http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ecetn56filv14uxh/a00kilw7e0ky/questions