Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe, writes exclusively for BFP readers.

We approach Easter in the tragic aftermath of the carnage in Brussels. Our thoughts and prayers will be with the victims, their family and friends, the people of Brussels and those who live in fear everywhere. We see again the appalling consequences of permitting religious intolerance to reach its fullest and most evil expression.

People of all faiths and none can be thankful we live in a secular political system here in the UK. We are tolerant, which means we live in peace despite irreconcilable differences of opinion which may even be found offensive.

Christians are entitled to declare “Jesus is Lord!” Muslims are entitled to reject the divinity of Christ. Atheists are entitled to denounce all our beliefs. And yet we do not proceed against one another by force, knowing that these are disputable, and in themselves harmless, articles of faith.

After many years of bloodshed and suffering, our country and continent learned to treasure this tolerant co-existence in liberty under the law. We see clearly that we cannot permit intolerance and we must equip ourselves to defend our values and our way of life. That is why I will continue to support relevant Government policy, just as I will seek to ensure liberty and privacy are properly preserved.

Another evil which I have seen in the past year is serious fraud against local people who have lost life savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds to organized criminal gangs. Today, I want to help readers protect themselves by highlighting two frauds which have been suffered in Wycombe.

The first is so-called “vishing”. Vishing is when fraudsters obtain personal details of a victim by phone, in particular bank details. Victims have been induced by phone to use Internet banking to transfer their money to accounts controlled by the perpetrators. Techniques may be used including asking the victim to call the bank but then remaining on the line to intercept the call and impersonate bank staff.

Victims may agree positively to all the online security steps necessary to transfer large sums of money to the perpetrators. In such circumstances, banks can be found to have fulfilled their duties in which case they may not be liable: funds may be irretrievable without a criminal conviction, which may be extremely difficult to obtain.

Another appalling fraud is the “courier scam”. Fraudsters call and trick you into handing your cards and PIN numbers to a courier on your doorstep. Again, they may ask you to call the bank but then stay on the line so you are still speaking with the fraudster. Victims may also be placed under duress and forced to buy and deliver high-value items.

Readers can find more information about these frauds and how to protect themselves at Action Fraud advise that a bank will never send a courier to your home and neither the bank nor the police will collect your bank card or ask for your PIN. If you receive a suspect call, end it immediately.

No doubt there are serious risks in this world but if we take sensible precautions and stand by those civilized values which endure, we will continue to flourish in the future as in the past.