Lucy Baker

He's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Posted on 7:04am Monday 26th November 2012

So as I write this, Dad is now living it up in the Vesace Hotel. Such a tense evening at Baker Towers.

Lucy Baker

Nooooo... time for the Trial of a Timelord.

Posted on 11:13pm Saturday 24th November 2012

Noooooooooo! This could be Dad’s last day in the jungle. I can’t believe as we sleep tonight he will be fighting for survival against Eric. I hope he gives it everything and doesn’t just leave it for Eric because of the lure of home. I think he could do it, but Eric is very cocky and determined, so who knows how things will unravel. Does this mean that if he does leave he will miss out on his bridge and fireworks moment? We’re torn because we have been desperate to see him do a Bush Tucker trial, but not with such a vital outcome...

Lucy Baker

And then there was 9...

Posted on 10:34pm Friday 23rd November 2012

After the shock of seeing Dad get emotional yesterday I had it niggling at the back of my head that I wanted to see him get out and go see Mum! So half wanted to see him leave... But I am so glad he is still there!! I really believe he is ok, and will look back on this whole adventure and be glad he did it, and he needs to be there as long as possible...So please keep voting Bucks Free readers!

Lucy Baker

Designer Stubble in the jungle

Posted on 10:13pm Thursday 22nd November 2012

So Mum is now in Australia with some other friends and family of the celebrities.  She’s made friends with many of them and is enjoying spending time with Hugo’s girlfriend and Limahl's boyfriend in particular.  It must be so strange watching the programme with others who are so involved with the jungle inhabitants!  We can’t wait to hear all about how everyone got on when she gets back. 

Lucy Baker

When 12 became 11...

Posted on 11:55pm Wednesday 21st November 2012

One by one they are leaving… oh no!

Lucy Baker

Pussy Cat Dad

Posted on 10:11pm Monday 19th November 2012

Tonight was the first night that Mum has missed an episode of the show. She is currently flying to Australia to do the infamous ‘greet on the bridge’ when dad comes out. Hopefully it won’t be for a while yet.

Lucy Baker

Those cheeky cockroaches!

Posted on 10:33pm Sunday 18th November 2012

More wise words form CB today. Whilst some of the other boys were moaning at poor old Rosemary, Dad is happily accepting being bossed around, he’s clearly used to it from us all at home. The hunger in the camp must have been sky high and we were really optimistic when we saw Helen leave camp with such determination. She actually managed to complete the task! All twelve stars! After all the fuss she has made on other tasks it was a complete turnaround. It has made us question how authentic her drama queen ways were in earlier tasks though... Nonetheless, the camp reaction was priceless.

Lucy Baker

Rapping Dad!

Posted on 11:30pm Saturday 17th November 2012

The going is getting tough! Instantly feeling the tension in the camp from the other side of the globe in the opening of tonight's episode.

Lucy Baker

Living Legend!

Posted on 10:25pm Friday 16th November 2012

Living Legend!

Lucy Baker

Daughter of an Aussie Record Breaker!

Posted on 10:14pm Thursday 15th November 2012

Helen, Helen, Helen. How can the producers and all the Bush tucker Trial planners be feeling after all that wasted effort on an amazing trial!? Dad would have at least tried and really gone for it. That would have been far more entertaining! I think most people would like to see anyone different, if only to see the tasks in their entirety!

Lucy Baker

Lucky Belly

Posted on 10:27pm Tuesday 13th November 2012

Oh Ant and Dec! I love you, but opening the show with a meanie comment. Poor Daddy B, and the ‘needing a big removal van comment’. Still, we laughed! I love the team spirit of Snake Rock, they clearly all get on and support one another. I can’t deny it was a shock to see Nadine rub ‘the Lucky Belly’ for luck! How incredibly random, I wonder how that became a camp tradition? Ahhh the classic eating trial- we were really rooting for Nadine of course- and she came good. I’m sure they were all so pleased to find they would have some different food for a change. I was impressed with the girls for eating the jungle grub- that baked spider and camel toes in particular, ugh.

Lucy Baker

Round two: Ticks, beans and barnets

Posted on 10:14pm Monday 12th November 2012

So here we go, round two.

Lucy Baker

He's finally in the jungle!

Posted on 11:19pm Sunday 11th November 2012

Tonight was the most bizarre viewing experience in the Baker household. A mix of excitement and sheer fear. A night filled with cheering and nervous laughter. Between us, the 4 Baker Girls will be blogging to share our point of view on the events unfolding in the jungle.

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