Thousands of people have reacted to the news that the Chesham and Amersham constituency will have its first-ever non Conservative MP.

Sarah Green of the Liberal Democrats rocked the boat as he won her seat in Parliament with a staggering 21,000 votes – eight thousand more than Peter Fleet, who was the favourite to win.

Mr Fleet of the Conservative Party managed to gain 13,000 votes.

Following the news, many people took to Twitter to share their views.

Nobody expected the win from the Lib Dems

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Former Lib Dem 2019 parliamentary candidate for Wycombe Toni Brodelle said: “YES!!!! Great campaign, fairly fought, where the people of Bucks have sent a resounding vote of no confidence to @Conservatives! Massive congratulations to @SarahGreenLD, , who will be a phenomenal MP for the people of Chesham and Anersham!!”

Lib Dem Sarah Olney MP, who represents Richmond Park, said on Twitter: “So completely thrilled to hear the news from #CheshamAndAmersham this evening.

“What a resounding win!!!!! Cannot wait to welcome my new colleague @SarahGreenLD to Parliament next week.

Were you expected this?

“Huge congratulations to her and the team on a very highly-deserved win.”

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Sarah Green herself tweeted: “People in Chesham and Amersham will never be taken for granted again.

“We have sent a message to the whole country tonight.

“Thank you to @LibDems activists who made this possible.

“I can't wait to get started!”

Other Lib Dem supporters were also happy as Kaisa Bera on Twitter said: “waking up to news that #CheshamAndAmersham is no longer a Tory seat is pretty good.”

However, the night was damaging for Labour as they only gained 622 votes.

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Jackie Walker on the site added: “622 people in Chesham & Amersham voted Labour.

 Peter Fleet's statement was met with backlash

"Let that sink in.... 11,000 and 7000 voted for Corbyn's Labour.”

Aarib Bastani said: “With Tories losing Chesham and Amersham tonight Labour have no excuse regarding Batley and Spen on July 1st.

“The claim there is a ‘vaccine bounce’ for Tories won’t wash now.

“The truth is Labour haven’t provided an opposition. 2 weeks to make or break @Keir_Starmer leadership.

The victory for the Lib Dems mean they have eight seats in Parliament.