The Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has knocked down ‘a blue wall’ following the party’s win in the Chesham and Amersham by-election on June 17.

The victory means that for the first time since the constituency’s formation in 1974, an MP from outside the Conservative Party will represent the two towns.

Sarah Green was the winning candidate as she managed to score 21,000 votes whilst Peter Fleet, who was the runner up.

Ed Davey on live TV this morning 

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Mr Fleet achieved 13,000 votes to his name.

Following the victory, Mr Davey, along with several supporters were seen in Chesham celebrating the victory on June 18.

This person wasn't impressed

Live on the BBC, he stood with an orange hammer in his hand and was next to a wall of blue cardboard boxes, before saying: “Ladies and gentleman, a few minutes ago, I mentioned a blue wall and an orange force.

“Do you know what happens when a really powerful orange force goes against a blue wall?"

He then knocked down the boxes with the tool, which led to a chorus of cheers from the crowd behind him, as it represented the Lib Dems’ ‘breakthrough’ in the Conservative’s majority Government.

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However, he was criticised for the stunt on social media as the party still only have 12 seats in Government.

One Twitter user said: “He’s a lovely guy, I’m so happy with the result but that’s a bit cringe.”

Another said: “Do politicians really think this sort of stunt makes them or their party look good?”

This person added: “I'm delighted at the result, but this stunt is really a bit cheesy.”

Despite this, Mr Davey was in a buoyant mood as he said on the BBC this morning: “I think this will send shockwaves through British politics.

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“The Liberal Democrats have had huge wins in the past, but this is our best ever by-election victory.

“If it was repeated across the south, literally dozens of Conservative seats would fall to the Liberal Democrats.

“People have spoken about the red wall in the north but they have forgotten about the blue wall in the south, and it will come tumbling down if this result is mimicked all across the country.”