A volunteer police officer took photos of a dead woman at a crime scene and shared them, before attempting to cover up his offences.

Special Constable Isaac Glanville was found to have committed gross misconduct by the Thames Valley Police’s (TVP) chief constable at an accelerated misconduct hearing that was held in May.

In a statement released to the public, Chf Cons John Campbell said that SC Glanville “should be ashamed of himself.”

It was found that SC Glanville, who resigned from the force before the misconduct hearing took place, was on duty at the scene of a sudden death last year.

The hearing found that SC Glanville took a photo of a woman who had died at the scene and shared it with another person.

To cover up the offence he had committed, SC Glanville kept hold of the body-worn camera and footage which showed him taking the photo.

In an unrelated incident, SC Glanville was also found to have taken class-A drugs for recreational purposes.

SC Glanville did not attend the misconduct hearing on May 6 and was represented by a police federation representative. He had already admitted to the offences and that his behaviour constituted gross misconduct.

The hearing saw “strong evidence” that the offences had been committed. Images seen at the hearing proved the misconduct, and the body-worn camera was also recovered from the officer.

It was also found that SC Glanville had taken class-A drugs with friends and that his colleagues had put themselves “in harms way” to prevent this behaviour.

In his report from the hearing, Chf Cons Campbell said: “The taking and sharing of the imagery of the deceased is abhorrent and the subsequent attempt at cover up, by the taking of the body worn video, shows a level of deceit and dishonesty, that if possible, compounds the original breach.

“In respect of all these breaches he should be ashamed of himself, and he has no place in TVP or any other Police Force.

“With that that in mind, had the officer still been serving, I would have dismissed with immediate effect and he will be placed on the College of Policing barred list.”