A “nuisance” Bucks man has been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds for revving his car engine.

Kevin Johnson has been fined £440 and ordered to pay a further £254 for breaching a public spaces protection order on October 18, 2020.

A hearing at Buckinghamshire Magistrates’ Court on June 4 heard that Johnson, of Crispin Road in Milton Keynes, was caught causing a “nuisance” in a Bucks car park.

The court heard how in October 2020, Johnson was a Network Rail car park in Elder Gate when he revved the engine of his vehicle “in a manner causing or being likely to cause nuisance to persons in the locality.”

Johnson breached the public protection order, which was put in place by Milton Keynes council, when he committed this anti-social behaviour.

The court has not supplied the age of the defendant.