A Buckinghamshire MP warned of the impact on local farmers after government’s plans for a new free trade deal with Australia and New Zealand.

The trade agreement between the three Commonwealth nations, known as Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill, is part of the government’s actions for “from scratch” Free Trade Agreements since Brexit – unlike agreements, which were previously negotiated by the EU.

For businesses to start benefitting from free trade between the countries, including an estimated £2.3 billion boost to UK economy from UK-Australia agreement, the law must go through Parliament first, said the Department for International Trade.

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However, Chesham and Amersham MP Sarah Green said in Parliament: “Lower standards allow for lower production costs and cheaper goods, which undercut UK farmers.

“Here in the UK, we are rightly proud of the high standards that we uphold in relation to animal welfare and the environment. We must not allow them to be undermined. 

“Earlier this year I spoke to farmers in Chesham and Amersham who told me that they are already facing rising costs for essentials like fertiliser and fuel. These farmers are frightened for the future, and worried that their government is selling them out.”

“The trade-boosting deals promised by the government have not yet become a reality. The impact assessment of the agreement with New Zealand shows only an 0.03 percent increase in GVA for the South East. 

“My constituents in Chesham and Amersham will see next to no benefits from the deals this Bill facilitates.”

 Small tenanted farmers in the UK were given a chance to “work in the new markets” emerging from the trade deals, said Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the International Trade Secretary.

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She added: “This is about how we can get the maximum benefit not only as they produce for our own domestic markets, but, if they choose to do so, as they export some of the finest meat in the world to new and growing markets across the world.”

The National Farmers’ Union was contacted for a comment. The NFU isn't doing external communications during the period of national mourning, a spokesperson said.