AN ALPACA farm in Buckinghamshire was featured on Loose Women last week.

TV audiences watching Loose Women on January 18 were treated to an appearance by two fluffy alpacas during an episode of the popular show. 

The alpacas, two males called Elite Star and Eduardo Awesome, had travelled to the studios from Brillbury Hall Farm in Buckinghamshire to spread the word about use of alpacas as therapy animals.

Owner of the animals Anne Shaw, who runs the farm and a mental health company with her husband Mike, explained what it was like taking the animals in a trailer from Aylesbury countryside to west London.

She said: “It was a complete thrill to be asked to do this and nerve wracking too! 

“They were so calm and inquisitive with all that was going on.

“We went on for the teaser on This Morning and then took them off for an hour and back into their trailer.

“I was concerned that they may not want to go back on but were more keen the second time!!’  It was a joy and we all enjoyed it. The team of Loose Women were so welcoming - took the nerves away and we forgot we were on TV!”

The Loose Women studio went “quiet” before Elite Star and Eduardo Awesome made their appearance, the show’s co-host Christine Lampard told audiences in a hushed voice.

Alpacas communicate with each other by humming, which was heard from backstage before their entrance. 

Loose Women co-host Dame Kelly Holmes told the other panellists that she has five alpacas at home, who helped her to de-stress during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The panellists were seen petting and interacting with the two animals on stage, accompanied by Anne and Mike, who held the alpacas by their leads. 

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Reasons for keeping alpacas in the UK include their fleece used in clothing, bedding, toys and even insulation, for breeding, as flock guardians to protect other young animals from foxes, and as therapy animals and for walking, Anne explained.

Both alpacas were born on the farm two and a half years ago. 

There are around 50,000 alpacas across UK farms - either Suri or Hyacaya type, which both hail originally from Peru, Chile and Bolivia. 

“Animals have visited nursing home residents where they gave much joy. Further support to others in our community who may benefit from this interaction with these gentle creatures, is planned for later this year,” Anne continued.

Screenshot of Loose Women courtesy of ITV