A BEACONSFIELD-based charity has published a report which says deaf people could face unfair treatment within the British legal system.

Officers from three police forces have conducted research and produced a report for SignHealth, the healthcare charity for Deaf people, into how the police, courts and prisons could better communicate.

The report has been presented to Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General who is also MP for Beaconsfield.

Steve Powell, chief executive of SignHealth, said: “We believe the main recommendation to come out of this is the issue of mandatory video recording all interviews with deaf people.

“This will ensure that there is no ambiguity around translation, as it can be checked and is more likely to be admissible in evidence.”

“We are aware from a number of case studies that [deaf people] face discrimination within the system and this affects their well-being.”

The report also focuses on how the deaf community can be better informed of their rights within the arrest to custody process.

The officers recommended the use of an online interpretation service and a video that explains, in sign language, a suspect's rights at point of arrest.

To find out more about SignHealth, call 01494 687600 or visit the website: www.signhealth.org.uk