Bucks resident Russell Grant tells you what's in store for your career, love life and relationships the week of Saturday, July 3:


You would like to feel your family are in accord over long-term plans but someone is holding something back. Close relationships will improve, but you must go easy if you are hoping to get a loved one to come round to your way of thinking. If you go at them like a bull at a gate, they may revert to their original position. Listen to your conscience when making an important decision. You will want to pursue a path that benefits other people as well as yourself.


You can’t understand what a friend or loved one wants from you. They’ve been acting strangely and their behaviour has been confusing. Stay watchful and you will learn all you need to get this relationship back on an even keel. Events on Wednesday will reveal everything. Your efforts to make a new colleague feel welcome have not gone unnoticed. They will be grateful. Money will come in late at this time so prepare accordingly.


New avenues of income are starting to open up to you. You hadn’t expected to have to think about moneymaking opportunities but there are some you won’t want to pass you by. The most lucrative will be linked to a personal project you have been keeping to yourself up until now. It will be important to stand up for yourself in a group situation to stop someone from taking advantage of your kind nature.


Life seems especially promising now. There’s plenty to do and to look forward to doing in a week that brings change and opportunity. If you’re single, you’re likely to experience a heaven-sent chance to get to know someone special much better. Your positive attitude will have a big impact on your health. When you start feeling tired, turn your thoughts to memories that make you smile or to plans that inspire and excite you.


You’re keen to give up a habit that’s not good for you but you’re not sure how to go about it. Getting professional advice should be your first step. You can be determined when you want to be and when it’s a case of mind over matter, with the right approach, you will succeed. Your social life is starting to open up as people come to you for advice or guidance in matters that are affecting them personally.


A group event you had been looking forward to may be cancelled for safety reasons or because someone failed to put safety measures in place. You will feel annoyed because this is a problem which could have been avoided if people had been more diligent. The only way to make progress will be to remain focused and realistic. If you scatter your energy hither and thither all you will be doing is wasting your time.


An older relative or colleague will offer advice. At first, you might feel they are interfering. Their desire to help is because they have experienced a similar situation to what you are going through now. The guidance they offer will be sincere. One day you could be the one in their shoes, and you will be helping others who need it. Are you single? It will be your charming personality and wonderful sense of humour that attracts other people to you.


Someone you live or work with seems to think they know what’s right for you. You’re inclined to acquiesce just to keep them smiling. As it is you could find it amusing that they do have a good idea of what you like and don’t like and of what you want and don’t want to do. If you’re unemployed and looking for a job, even if you would prefer this to be a one that offers long-term security, taking on a temporary position could lead to a more permanent offer.


Life is about to take a turn for the better. To some degree your future security depends on your relationship with others and what those who are close to you decide. You will respect their opinions, and if they can show you the same degree of consideration, a compromise will be found. If you are looking for a new job and you haven’t had a lot of luck, ask a talented friend to help you with your CV or resume.


A partner has made decisions you aren’t certain about, but it is too late to do anything about it. Much to your annoyance, the initiative has been taken from your hands. It seems as if you have no choice but to follow their directives. Because of this you can’t help but feel resentful. Are you single? A new romance does not seem to hold a lot of promise. Moments you spend together are fun but you accept that not every relationship is meant to last.


A new partner is starting to realise you just can’t be fenced in. Ideally, your amour will share a similar need for a relationship that embodies freedom. Just because you have independent interests, it does not mean there is no love or loyalty for each other. In fact a deep understanding between you will keep your bond strong. A short trip out of town will keep you focused on your intentions as you meet someone who shares similar goals.


Keep your spirits high. Don’t get discouraged if others seem to be having a better time than you. They aren’t admitting to the problems they are going through in their private life. Someone you work with or see every day has been keeping a secret. It will take courage for them to confide in you. Be sure you don’t betray this trust. A text message later in the week could mark the start of a new relationship.