Your horoscope by celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant from Saturday, July 17:


If you and a partner live some distance apart, take any chance you get to spend more time with each other. You might also discuss how you might arrange your lives so you are together more in the future. A strong need to help other people could lead you to volunteering to help a local Charity. Serving as a spokesperson for a community organisation will put you in contact with some influential people. This is a great time to launch a fundraiser.


Someone will be looking for advice or support over a break of some sort in your family or friendship circle. You may have to come to terms with an issue you thought was closed. It will be annoying that other people can't seem to leave the past behind. If you lend a friend a cherished possession you may never see it again. Look after your own interests and possessions. Take no risks with treasured items and finances.


Despite a possible hurdle, a job you have taken on will continue to make progress. All you have to do is stick at it. Just as if you are learning something new, whether it is a craft, art techniques, a foreign language or a dance step, practice will make perfect. Your thoughts, later in the week, will be on a private concern you won't want to discuss with anyone, not even your partner. You need some quiet time alone to do some thinking.


Do yourself a favour and make it a priority to tie things up. There are some difficult jobs you are trying to avoid but the sooner you get these over with the sooner you can get on with things you do enjoy. A friend or colleague's constant grumbles are starting to get you down. You don't want to say anything to upset them but you may have to remove yourself from a situation they're involved in for a while. It's important to do something positive.


A colleague whose help and support you are relying on is never there when you need them. Their laziness is getting in the way of your goals. It might be time to start looking for a new partner. Be cautious and conservative with financial transactions. You have a good reason to save every penny now. A business related function will put you in touch with some interesting characters. Pay attention when you are introduced to people who could help you in your career. Remembering their name is helpful.


An achievement should not be put down to good luck alone for you have worked hard to reach this point. It can still be hard to believe that you have achieved what you set out to do. Give yourself a mental shake and enjoy the results. You're filled with renewed hope and optimism for the future. Someone will accuse you of living in a dream world. It will be those who don't understand you who you will want to avoid at the moment.


You can expect to experience at least one or two out of the ordinary events. A conversation, meeting or appointment will bring opportunities you never would have dreamed of. You're in an adventurous mood and friends will notice there is a touch of the dare-devil about you. Enjoy this chance to have fun. Intuitive levels are high. If and when you have to make a quick decision, you can trust your instincts especially about whether someone is telling the truth.


What you need and what you get are two very different things. You could do with a break when responsibilities are increasing. You need a hug but you can't get close to a loved one whose company you are missing. A friend's secrecy is causing problems in this relationship. They say you don't understand them whereas you feel they are being deliberately difficult. Somehow you just can't seem to win, no matter how hard you try.


It's upsetting that someone you have helped out in the past refuses to be available when you could do with their assistance. They are showing their true colours and this makes you realise how one-sided this relationship happens to be. Steer clear of topics like religion, politics and finances if you want to keep a relationship harmonious as such talks could lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. A loved one will eventually admit to changes they are hoping to make.


Supporting a good cause will feel rewarding and fulfilling. Sometimes the best way to put your own problems into perspective is to see the hardships other people are going through. A project can only move forward if financial support is received. An offer of funding could mark a whole new phase in this endeavour. Are you thinking about moving in with your lover? Sharing your space will not be as difficult as you imagine.


If you've been looking for a new place to live but haven't yet had any luck, an older friend will come up with the solution. Unconventional living arrangements might suit you quite well at this time. In friendship or romance you have found a kindred spirit. Although you come from different backgrounds, there is a strong spiritual and emotional link you are both aware of. It will feel strange but exciting to commit to someone who is different from anyone you've known before.


You have been doing your best to show kindness and understanding to those who are closest to you. Because of this they will be showing you the same kind of consideration. The more you are willing to talk and to let your true feelings show, the more positive the consequences. Your hope is to get a job over with as soon as possible. Cutting corners will not save you time as you are hoping. It will take longer than planned, but do it by the book.