Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, August 7:


It will be a relief to hand over some of your responsibilities to someone who is happy to take these on. This doesn't mean you want to relax totally as the reason you are delegating tasks is because you have too much to do. Even so you will now feel the load has been shared more equally. Carry on collecting the information you need. This will provide answers and show the difference recent events and efforts have made.


You may have been feeling down of late so others around you will be relieved to notice your sense of humour has returned. News received at the start of the week will boost your confidence and optimism. In your off-duty hours, put your own needs and desires in front of duty. An older relative who has been awkward and stubborn will be more easily pleased at this time. You are starting to understand how to get around them.


Socially you are in good form. Even if things aren't going entirely to plan, you have your friendships and your hopes to keep you warm. You have some great ideas and your partner and close friends will recognise this and respond positively to your suggestions. Meditation and quiet pastimes towards the end of the week will give you a greater sense of what you want out of life in the future.


Support from friends will help you achieve a goal you had almost given up on. In your wildest dreams you never thought you would reach this point. A meeting will go well and you will go away feeling as if you are a part of something that's special. Be open to new possibilities. It could be worth your while to spend a little more time looking into the potential of money-spinning ideas or new job opportunities.


Money is tight but you won't let financial problems drive you and your loved ones apart. The economy may be unpredictable, the job market uncertain and the value of money might go up and down but you aren't the only ones in the same boat. You will find a way through this. As the week ends a senior colleague will apologise if they have made life awkward for you recently. It will turn out they have been struggling with problems of their own.


You're pushing yourself hard, you're working like a maniac and yet for little reward. You're beginning to notice a distinct change in a close relationship. There will be moments of intimacy that haven't been there before and friends seem to be in a more generous mood. A group event will awaken new interests and stimulate your mind to learn new skills. Signing up for an online course will suddenly seem like a great idea.


You may have to take on the duties of an absent colleague and this will delay your own progress. At the same time you are discovering you are capable of tasks you have never carried out before. Relationships are important to you and you like your partner to be involved in whatever you are doing. Some friendships and partnerships won't survive no matter how much effort you put into them. These are the ones that have no hope of development.


Don't feel miserable because finances are tight. Push money problems out of your mind. If you're searching for a new job, look to applying for a more senior role. You might use your past experience to support your ability to take on a more responsible position. Any references or recommendations requested should come up good for you. You seem to instinctively know how to handle awkward people and difficult situations. Others around you are grateful for this.


Stay positive and remember those who set lofty goals for themselves and who form the habit of doing more than expected often attract positive attention and lucky breaks. Your powers of leadership are heightened. You can see solutions to issues that have been causing a lot of problems. Your ability to step back and view things from a distant perspective is a big advantage. By putting a little space between you and your current problems, you will see them in their true light.


Even if you're expecting a large sum of money, be patient as this could be delayed. It's important that you don't spend money you have been anticipating before it's safely in your bank account. Progress will come through your willingness to adapt to new circumstances and situations. Continue to help out in areas where you are needed but remember your own needs too. You might also start thinking about and pursuing your own ambitions.


Tension in the home or workplace should not last long. Everyday companions will go out of their way to be helpful and by Wednesday you won't feel so wound up. What you might quickly notice is how there is less to argue about, the more tolerant you feel. Your witty company and good humour will keep everyone in high spirits. You're excited about new social possibilities.


You might wish you hadn't bottled so many emotions up inside. An event or conversation will reveal you have been secretly worrying over nothing. If only you'd said something earlier, someone will have been able to explain this to you. At least you can now plan ahead with more confidence. Take this chance to experiment with new ideas. If there are more efficient ways to run certain aspects of your work, now is a good time to experiment. Refurbishing old furniture will feel rewarding.