Candidates standing in the Beaconsfield constituency describe why they are standing in the General Election on June 8:

Lib Dems - Peter Chapman

In this election there is a clear choice between staying in the Single Market with the Liberal Democrats or the hard Brexit of the Conservatives which will cost jobs and make us all poorer.

Half of Beaconsfield constituency’s residents voted to remain in the EU and many more oppose the reckless decision of this hard-right Conservative government to pursue a hard Brexit. 

Theresa May has chosen a hard Brexit because she thinks that putting up barriers to immigration is more important than safeguarding the economy and British jobs and the prosperity of all of us.

When Theresa May goes to the House of Commons next year or in early 2019 with the deal which she has negotiated, every Liberal Democrat MP will scrutinise that deal to see if it makes the British people better off or worse off. 

They will hold her and her government to account for promising the British people that they can have their cake and eat it. 

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats, even in safe Conservative seats like Beaconsfield, will give extra moral authority to the Liberal Democrat MPs in the House of Commons.

If you want to avoid a disastrous hard Brexit; if you want to keep Britain in the Single Market; if you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is your chance to change the future direction of our country.

UKIP - Jon Conway

I’m standing against Dominic Grieve because I feel he has taken the in built local Tory majority for granted.

As Vote Leave co-ordinator for South Bucks, I won a LEAVE majority, whilst he has been an active remainer and one of those MPs who have undermined our negotiations with his pro EU comments. Whilst Mrs May now agrees with UKIP EU policies, Mr Grieve has spoken against his leader’s beliefs at every recent turn.

UKIP have always been against HS2. Mr Grieve had five chances to vote against HS2 over three years and abstained every time.

Tories say there is no money for education and housing, but can spend £80 billion on ripping up our countryside for a train nobody needs.

Mr Grieve and the other major parties support the UK being one of the largest net GDP contributors to Overseas Aid, twice that of Germany and France. 

No wonder they can spend more on their own health and elderly care than we can. UKIP would spend £8 billion of this budget on NHS and the vulnerable.

My company promotes family entertainment shows in arenas, so the Manchester tragedy is close to my heart.

Our government does not want to admit we are at war with the terrorists, yet they are at war with us.

We have the TPIM laws and protocols already in place to fight them, but we don’t have the political will to use them. Just nine such orders from a suspect list of 23,000. 

1,000 troops on the streets of Manchester last week might have been better used checking out some of the 3,000 highest risk potential perpetrators rather than following potential victims on the streets.

Not so long ago, Jeremy Corbyn called UKIP racist for believing in immigration controls, now he supports the same policy.

The more national votes UKIP gain, the more validity we have in our innovative free thinking policies being adopted by those in power. 

Labour - James English

I’m running in this election to be the Labour MP for Beaconsfield – working for the many, not just the few.

I’ve lived most of my life in the constituency. I understand that for many people here, things are not working as they should.

The NHS – chronically underfunded – is in crisis. We’ve seen closures and cuts, with the worst still to come. The Labour Party will fund the NHS properly. The way it should be.

The outlook on education is bleak too, as head teachers in Bucks have recognised. The Labour Party will not only redress the damaging cuts to schools’ budgets, but create a ‘National Education Service’ to ensure that everyone benefits from a first-class education.

Then there’s Brexit, too. The Conservative approach is to take access to the Single Market off the table, an arrangement that 450,000 jobs across the South East are linked to. 

That’s reckless. Labour understands the need for a reasoned approach.

For older people, Labour will address gaping holes in social care and protect pensions. 

For families, we’ll extend the 30 hours of free childcare to all 2 year olds and halt the closure of vital Sure Start centres.

For commuters, we’ll lower fares by bringing private rail companies into state ownership as their franchises expire. 

And for young people, we’ll abolish tuition fees and invest in new affordable homes.

The Labour Party has a policy for every part of society in this constituency. If elected, I’ll work hard to make them a reality.

Conservative - Dominic Grieve

This election will be defining in relation to our country’s future. 

The result of the Referendum has produced both opportunities and challenges for us and our first task must be the complex one of successfully completing Brexit. This is why the Prime Minister is seeking a fresh mandate that can help her achieve this. 

I strongly support her in her determination to achieve a Brexit that allows for a new trading relationship between ourselves and our EU partners, provides certainty for trade and business and maintains our security co-operation, whilst giving us greater control of immigration and releasing us from the direct effect of EU Law. 

We are committed to maintaining good public services whilst being mindful of the need for sound management of the economy in a time of uncertainty. 

The NHS will get £8 billion in real terms over the next five years. Pensioner benefits will be protected and the Winter Fuel payment kept for those who need it. 

Our social care proposals will put an absolute limit on what people have to pay for their care and ensure no one has to sell their home in their lifetime. 

An extra £4 billion will be available by 2022 for education. Locally the review of funding for schools will provide most with more money and no school will have its budget cut.

In contrast Labour has planned a spending frenzy that will massively raise taxes and destroy economic growth. It is incapable of handling Brexit. 

The contrast could not be greater and the choice clearer.

Green Party - Russell Secker

Russell Secker will be standing as the Green Party candidate for the Beaconsfield constituency.

As a long-standing campaigner for the environment and for social justice, Russell believes that voting Green at the upcoming General Election will send politicians a powerful message, which cannot be ignored.

“It is vital that we stand up for our environment during and after Brexit negotiations,” he says. “In many ways Europe has championed the environment and proved to be good for the natural world and sustainability. We can’t afford to allow backtracking on that progress.”

Russell says there are many good reasons to vote Green at this election.

He believes that more Green votes will strengthen the case for proportional representation and bring the Green position in future elections to the forefront.

A resident of Wooburn Green, Russell has worked as an NHS volunteer and at a Trussell Trust foodbank. He has served on the Green Party Regional Council, and helped to shape the party’s 2015 General Election manifesto.

Russell wants to see a better, brighter future for his children and grandchildren. 

He added: “The Green Party has a great range of progressive policies designed to create a fairer society for future generations. 

“I believe we need to move towards a clean and sustainable economy which is underpinned by decent living wages, not foodbank hand-outs.”