A professional photographer who has captured everything from weddings to wild animals is hoping to reunite his clients with their treasured photographs.

Ivor Chenagle, who lives in Little Chalfont, has been snapping Bucks’ residents’ special moments for decades after learning photography in the Air Force, but now hopes to get back in touch with them and return the photo negatives for free.

He said: “I meet a lot of people when I'm out and about. After thousands of weddings, you do lose touch but people always seem to remember me.

“I was in John Lewis the other day and this chap said, ‘by the way – you did my wedding’. He came round my place the following week and picked up all the negatives, he was delighted.

“I was printing photos in Boots in Amersham and one of the staff members said I had photographed her wedding. I get that quite a lot. They are negatives for pictures that people may not have seen for a long time.”

The award-winning photographer, who lives on Amersham Road, has taken thousands of pictures of happy occasions across the county since he started out in 1954 and is asking for anyone who wants their negatives to get in touch.

He added: “I have lots of pictures of people who lived in this area. I have some great memories, I could give a lecture on them. I have had some very funny weddings. One was a Dr Who theme. Quite often you never knew what you would turn up to, but if I did photograph your wedding, you can contact me and have the negatives for free.”

To get in touch with Ivor, call 01494 764 173 to arrange collection.