University students and staff queued up to visit a stress-busting puppy room on Monday. 

Bucks Students' Union organised the day with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, based in Saunderton, to boost students’ and staff mental health.

Dogs of all ages were visited throughout the day at the Bucks New University High Wycombe campus.

It is the fourth year the charity and the students' union have joined forces. 

Rebecca Hamer, activities coordinator, said the puppy days are always a huge success. 

She said: “We love working with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. It’s such a great event to not only raise a little bit of money for the charity, but it’s also perfect for our students to de-stress.

“Some come along just to be with the dogs because living away from home means they miss their family pets, and others come along because they want a cuddle. Either way, both students and staff love this annual event.”

The cost to train and support each hearing dog throughout their lifetime is £40,000 so Hearing Dogs rely heavily on fundraising and supporters.

Katie Grundy, puppy training instructor from the charity, said that initiatives like the puppy room not only helps the students but also the dogs.

She added: “It’s a great experience for the dogs to come in and meet lots of new people, learn how to greet politely and not jump up.

“The social skills that the dogs gain from socialising, and at an event like this, is really important and it helps so much with their training."