A fast food restaurant in High Wycombe was shut down “immediately” by Wycombe District Council on Monday after environmental health officers discovered a "rat infestation".  

Peri Peri Chicken Delight in Oxford Street was closed at around 4.30pm on January 22 after it was served with a hygiene emergency prohibition notice.

According to a poster in the window of the takeaway restaurant, officers found evidence of an infestation of “pathogenic disease-carrying rats in the food preparation and storage areas” which presented a “significant risk to health and the contamination of food and food preparation surfaces”.

A spokesman for Wycombe District Council said: “It has been closed due to a rat infestation which we believe presents an imminent threat to public health.

“The notice will remain in place until our environmental health officers are satisfied that there is no longer a threat to public health.”

A new poster, which appeared yesterday, appears to suggest that a pest controller, who was called out to inspect the restaurant, found no infestation and no fresh droppings.

It said: “Proofing measures have been carried out in the kitchen and it is in much better condition compared to initial visit.”

Inspectors are due to re-visit in seven to 10 days.