Residents in a High Wycombe cul-de-sac fear an “unsightly” new six-storey block of flats will “completely ruin the skyline” in the town.

Wycombe District Council has submitted plans to build 68 one, two and three-bed flats in Bellfield Road on the site of a private car park – but the proposals have been slammed by residents living just 25 metres away.

While the council says the new block of flats on the former Compair Works will “regenerate” the area and “successfully connect” it to the rest of the town, neighbours living in Gandon Vale are worried the tall building will be an eyesore.

Rosie Hodgson says if the building is given the go-ahead, it will “ruin” the view from her flat in Gandon Vale.

She said: “It will block the light coming in to my property and the residents will be able to look straight into my flat, I will lose all of my privacy.

“The noise and disturbance of having 68 new properties within such a close proximity will be most upsetting and disturbing. The increase in the number of people and noise pollution will worsen the surrounding areas.

“The design of the building is absolutely disgusting, it does not fit in with the current surroundings, it is an absolute eyesore.”

Concerns about traffic and parking were also raised by Ms Hodgson, who said the Bellfield Road has become busier since the popular Spindle and Thread restaurant opened last year.

Lucy Baker, who bought her home in Gandon Vale because of the views across the town and countryside said the plans were “deeply concerning”.

Citing nearby building works at Hughenden Quarter and university halls of residence, Miss Baker added that residents have been “forced to endure” excess noise for years.

She said: “I find it extremely disappointing that just as this noise is beginning to abate and we are getting a little quiet back, a proposal arises to build even closer to Gandon Vale and so give us even less peace in our own homes.”

The building will feature accessible green roofs to provide more communal space for residents.

Addressing concerns about the proposed height of the building, WDC said six storeys is “considered appropriate” compared to surrounding buildings, saying the adjacent student and care home accommodation are both larger in scale.

They said: “Careful consideration on the layout and design ensures that viewpoints from Gandon Vale will not be affected.”

The council also reassured residents that the building would not impact the surrounding trees and woodlands in the “immediate vicinity” and that paths and street lighting will be improved.