A councillor has been blasted for an “outrageous outburst” calling on High Wycombe mayor Brian Pearce to “put his money where his mouth is” and clean up Frogmoor. 

When Cllr Pearce became mayor last year, he had high hopes of improving the area of town and bringing the “wow factor” back – with plans for a water feature and an ice rink. 

However the plans have not been successful.

At the last High Wycombe town committee meeting, Cllr Julia Wassell interrupted Cllr Pearce to ask: “Brian, what are you doing about Frogmoor? You promised to sort it out when you were mayor, are you going to do that? That was your main promise. 

“Put your money where your mouth is mayor.” 

Cllr Pearce has now spoken out to criticise the East Wycombe independent, slamming her comments as “unprofessional and uncalled for” and said he has faced problems in trying to get any improvements made to Frogmoor. 

He said: “I did indeed pledge that I would improve it, but when I made said statement I had no idea of a notion called protocol, etiquette and infringement into other wards.

“In fact regarding these points, it is much akin to bashing ones head against a brick wall.

“In light of this, I said to Ms Wassell that I would like to speak to her regarding her comments after the meeting. 

“Unfortunately, Julia decided to leave the meeting early and fled about ten minutes before the end leaving myself feeling deflated.”