A number of Five Guys customers have been given fines after using the restaurant’s parking bays in High Wycombe.

Customers have been unassumingly leaving their cars in Five Guys parking bays only to receive fines after their burger fix.

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The new parking bays are in the Empire car park and the conditions read customers “must obtain a parking permit” by leaving their number plate inside the cinema or restaurant.

Bucks Free Press: The Five Guys parking bay signs in High WycombeThe Five Guys parking bay signs in High Wycombe

ANPR cameras are used to monitor the vehicles coming and going from the car park.

One customer said on Facebook: “I just appealed against a £100 fine when parked in a Five Guys marked bay eating a Five Guys”.

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Another added: “We have also received a car parking fine for the pleasure of awful service on a largely a closed development”.

Someone else had the same problem: “I got my meal but ended up with a parking fine for eating it in the parking bays.”