Wycombe Wanderers manager Gareth Ainsworth has revealed he is ‘honoured’ that the club will be the first home team to allow behind-the-scenes access for a live fixture.

In a first for English football, the Chairboys’ home League One match against Portsmouth on December 4 will see the Sky Sports crew broadcast both Ainsworth and Danny Cowley’s pre-match and half-time team talks.

Coaches from both sides will also be interviewed during the contest, whilst players will be mic’d up with their in-game conversations being aired during the break.

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Speaking on the innovative game between the two sides at Adams Park, Ainsworth said: “There will be plenty of footage and extra bits for the people watching, but, we just need to make sure that it doesn’t go too far.

“Danny Cowley and I are quite open as managers and we’re both young enough to accommodate the new age of constantly being around screens and seeing what’s happening online.

“I won’t go that far and make an Instagram or Twitter account and tell people what I had for breakfast or anything like that, but I will speak during the game and hopefully we can get a win.

“We should be honoured that this football club has been asked to do something like this because in years gone by, we have been ignored or were considered this small club.

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“Now, people want to deal with Wycombe, and as it’s against Portsmouth so it will be a big game.”

When asked if this could add extra pressure to the Chairboys squad, who went into their two-week break with a defeat against Cheltenham Town, Ainsworth added: “The players will not make a big thing of it as the game is the game.

“The players are a lot younger than me and they are very much into this.

“They are all into their screens just like my children, so I think this is like water off a duck’s back for them. 

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“We’ll just focus on the game but with the way the game is going, I think this is something we can all expect moving forward.

“It’s been popular in the States and if anyone of my players does get distracted, then it’s my job to make sure they are doing their job properly.”

The match on Sunday, December 4 at Adams Park will kick off at 12.30pm.