In a game of few chances, the Chairgirls secured a vital point away following a 0-0 draw against Woodley.

Wycombe’s defence held on strong as the hosts dominated the ball, as they had several chances to take the lead. 

But a backline of Bobby Lynch, Emma Newberry, and Ashleigh Harte kept them at bay.

With less than 15 minutes of the first half remaining, Woodley’s attack was left one-on-one with Chelsea Coles, forcing her to make a huge save.

As the first half drew to an end, Wycombe created huge chances for the advantage before half time, starting with a shot on target from Molly Carter from the right of the box directly into the hands of the Woodley keeper. 

The opening minutes of the second half saw a strong start, with a potential for the chairgirls to open up the score early in this half, as a cross from the left back found Carter in the box for a shot on target that was caught by the hands of Woodley’s keeper.

Woodley fought back and put Wycombe on edge as a volley from the edge of the box was sent down the centre of the goal and into the hands of Coles.

Another chance for Wycombe in the 68th minute, as a cross by Carter is set back to Leach by a Woodley defender for another shot on target by the chairgirls to be saved Woodley’s keeper.

Moments later, Woodley are given a free kick on the edge of the box, which has yet again found itself down the centre and directly into the hands of Coles.

Woodley, now driving forward, played a ball through a gap in Wycombe’s defence and a shot from the right edge of the box drifts just over the crossbar.  

A Woodley corner allowed for a counterattack by Wycombe with Leach chasing down the ball and attempting another chance for a goal with a shot on target, however, Woodley’s keeper had no trouble preventing this attack.

The game ended in a 0-0 draw with the second half having created more chances for Wycombe and producing a game that became equally challenging for both sides.