Here is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, June 19.


Give some thought to a financial problem that isn't going to go away. This is not a good time to seek a sub or a loan. All financial doors will seem to be securely locked. If on the other hand a friend promised to pay back a loan by the end of the week, there is no harm in reminding them of how much they owe you. An increased amount of social activity will make a big difference and a welcome change to your normal weekly routine.


The withdrawn mood that is with you at the start of the week will swiftly subside. By Wednesday you will be keen to get out in the world and to catch up on all you may have been missing. You might not be too certain about what you are going to do but what you will be aware of is how energetic you are feeling and you won't want this to go to waste. You're starting to feel more in control of recent domestic problems.


Take the opportunity when it comes your way to show off an artistic or creative talent. Your boss may not have realised all that you are capable of and they will be glad to have your help with a difficult task. Someone might let you down and this will mean you having to take things into your own hands. You will be nervous to have a go at a job you never thought you would be able to do but there is no one as multi-talented as you, as you will be finding out.


Do your best not to let your feelings rule your head. Every now and again you allow strong emotions to colour your judgement. Whether you are married or single, if you meet someone who starts your heart all a flutter, don't jump into a relationship you might later regret. A significant part of your week will be when someone close has something exciting to share with you and this will be cause for a celebration.


The general pattern of your life is changing as you now take on new direction. You have been prepared for this as recent developments have given you a feeling that change was in the air. You're about to climb a few more rungs up the professional ladder and although you are gearing yourself for a more challenging time, you also know this will bring you greater happiness and fulfilment.


News received is what you have been waiting for. This underscores a career or some other private goal. Now you have the green light to get started on a special project you can't wait to see where this takes you. Efforts made to clarify a recent misunderstanding will be met with better results than any previous attempts. This is all down to your confident attitude and your determination to make other people sit up and take notice.


A number of responsibilities and new commitments loom on the horizon. You might be looking for ways to ease your burdens. If you sit back and wait for the tide of hard work that's about to engulf you to come in, you will only have yourself to blame when you can't cope. Take this chance to plan ahead and even to clear away a few loose ends so you are better able to manage in time to come.


You're sure in your own mind about what you want to do. In a group situation you may have to show patience. Although you feel your ways are the best ones, you should give others a chance to air their views. Even if the final agreement is that these aren't a patch on your own ideas, at least it will help everyone feel they are contributing to what is supposed to be a team effort. Delegate where and when you can.


A special goal will absorb your interest. This will demand concentration and self-discipline. Seeking a quiet place where you won't be disturbed will be the best way to approach this challenge. As much as you aren't very keen on strict routines, forward planning will ensure everything gets done in good time. A partner might be looking to make a change whereas you feel happy with the way things are. In all relationships you feel more comfortable in the driver's seat.


A friend or neighbour will contradict themselves when discussing something about the past. You might decide not to pick up on this chance to catch them out but you will bear their careless thoughtlessness in mind in the future. A private project carried out in seclusion will give you a lot of satisfaction. This is a good time to develop new talents and to further your study interests. You will be happy to leave family and friends to their lively plans while you stay in the background.


You are starting to wonder whether you have set our sights too high. A goal you were hoping to reach is proving more difficult than expected. Just as you prepare to lower your sights, this project will start moving forward. You may even have to quicken your pace to keep up with all that is going on. Even though life is hectic, you will enjoy the stimulation and you won't feel over tired.


Heavy work or outside responsibilities are interfering with your family life. If this is temporary, you will soon get into the swing of things once your routine gets back to normal. If there is any chance this new situation is a permanent one, you may have to change your priorities. This is a time when two is company and three is a crowd. Arranging a romantic date with someone special or a cosy evening listening to music and discussing the future will make for a relaxed ending to the week.