Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, August 21:


You’ve been excited to start on plans that will give you a chance to learn something new. Now you have the green light you will eagerly throw yourself into this project. Any job that allows you to be creative and to use your imagination will bring you pleasure. Friends and workmates are helpful and it will feel good to get some useful tips from those who are more experienced.


It won’t be easy to be patient when with those who constantly complain and there may even be occasions when you feel you are the one who is being picked on. This doesn’t matter because even though there may be tension at the start, the week should end on a promising note. A family matter will be resolved if you are willing to make a few changes. Use your imagination to find solutions. Experiment with new ideas.


Your imagination has a habit of running away with itself. If you’re nervous about starting a new job or something you’ve had no experience with before, try to curb your over active mind. You don’t want to be a bag of nerves before you even get started. You might finally succeed in tracking down an old friend or colleague you’ve been trying to reach for ages. Arrangements you make together will give you something to look forward to.


Happiness will be found in activities with friends. A neighbour might introduce you to a hobby you will want to learn more about and you’re starting to feel an increased need to enjoy the company of someone special. You could be the one to step into a leadership role as you instigate some strong-willed teamwork. You have the energy and ability to pull everyone together to achieve a mutual goal. Ease up a little as the week ends and give yourself a break.


You could never be happy to be stuck in a corner or confined to dreary routines. You will be serious about your responsibilities but you want more for yourself now and you are aiming high. Recently you have begun to see the larger picture. You have an uncanny sixth sense and this can be relied on. An interest in alternative medicine could lead you to signing up for an online study course. A friend might be keen to join you.


The work scene could be tense due to someone having made some careless mistakes. You will feel annoyed because your own approach to this job has been careful and now your hard work has been ruined by their carelessness. Life at home brings most happiness. A heart-to-heart conversation with someone special helps you understand their current hopes and wishes. You will want to do all you can to help turn their dreams into reality.


You’re restless and can’t decide what you really want to do. You keep changing your long-term plans and this can confuse those around you. Later, you will notice a growing optimism. A friend who is a gambler at heart is enjoying a lucky streak and you’re starting to trust your own hunches. As the week ends you will just want to get out with friends. You’re definitely in the mood for some major treats.


You may not feel entirely supported emotionally by your partner and family. Misunderstandings cause tension between you. For now, there seems to be more respect coming your way in the workplace and out in your community so go where you do feel appreciated. Money news is good, but you’re advised to avoid extravagance particularly on Thursday and Friday. It will be hard to justify a purchase which turns out to be a complete waste of money.


Domestic commitments will keep you on your toes. An older relative will get into a panic over a matter that can be easily resolved. It won’t take long before you are able to ease their mind. Although you have plenty to do of your own, you won’t turn away from a friend or neighbour who could do with your talents in dealing with a pressing or difficult task. It will be a pleasure to be able to help them out.


You and a partner no longer share the same hopes for the future. Differences over job or family plans could cause a lot of tension between you. If one of you wants to move closer to family or is planning on a big career change, be ready to thoroughly discuss the pros and cons. You have reached a turning point of your life, but don’t be too hasty to take the first attractive opportunity that comes along.


You’ve taken on so much you can’t possibly do it all on your own. Family and friends will prove exceptionally helpful. You shouldn’t feel awkward about asking for a favour or two when you need it. An older colleague will be happy to give you some advice or assistance. You may not see quite the enthusiasm you expected for a new project but there are people who will volunteer to join you.


You’re getting asked for a lot of advice from people who are struggling. All you can do is speak from your own experience and hope this might give them some comfort. You’re thinking of making some big changes and these plans could affect more people than you realise. For in trying to make your life a little easier, this could leave someone else in the lurch. Is this something you really want to do?