Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, September 4:


A new friend wants to know what you are doing, where you are going, when and why.

You hadn't expected them to take this kind of interest in your life and it will be a relief when they switch their attention elsewhere.

Making long-term plans feels empowering as you suddenly wake up to the fact that you are in charge of your life and can choose your own destiny.


Money matters need more attention than you have recently been giving them.

Until you are on top of bills you might decide to go easy with personal spending.

If there is cash to spare, it would be wise to keep it in a savings account.

You and a partner have enjoyed some great times together but nothing quite like what you are going through now.

A new project really makes life worth living.


Choosing to take a new career path without discussing this with your family could cause tension in the home.

Whether you hand in your notice in the hope of finding a better job or decide to pursue a completely different career, at least prepare those you live with.

Let them know your intentions.

Health will be good and you will have plenty energy to spare.

Volunteer to help with a home improvement project.


You could do with a change of scenery but this might be easier said than done.

Commitments keep you tied to your own four walls.

If you can't get away, find a way to occupy yourself with activities you do only on rare occasions.

A change of activity can be uplifting.

Bargains can be found if you're shopping for your home.

Don't be in a rush.

Spend time searching for the right item.


You will not have meant to take on more than you can chew.

It is your inability to say no' to friends that has put you in this position.

The more you do for others, the more they seem to expect from you.

People need to know there are limits and you must set them.

You might want to push ahead in the hope of achieving a goal you set for yourself some time ago.

Channel energy into family matters.


An older relative has plenty to say about a recent incident. You may not take too kindly to their interference.

Their advice will be well meaning but it won't sound very kind or compassionate to you.

Concern other people are showing is sincere even if their words are harsh and seem critical.

You accept there are people against decisions you are making.

Weighing it all up helps you make a fair choice.


Why should you feel guilty about putting your own needs first?

Everyone deserves a little time to relax and it is time for you to start thinking about your health.

In addition to this, some time away from the workplace means you get to see a career related problem from a different angle.

If there is something on your mind, find the courage to insist you are left alone to do some thinking.


Think before you speak. Take a sensible approach to meetings and interviews.

Consider how other people might react before you state your own opinions and think about how you should respond to people in authority.

Someone in power expects respect so even if you dislike what they are doing, don't tell them.

Members of your family are the ones you will feel most comfortable with now.

You can be yourself when you are with them.


A friend who has always been amazingly intuitive will suggest you take up an offer before it passes you by.

You're still uncertain but since their advice has always been good up until now you might decide to give their suggestions a go.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You have a choice between catching up with mundane matters and pursuing personal goals of a long-term nature.

The latter will give you more satisfaction.


You know it isn't sensible to allow emotions to interfere with your work concerns.

It isn't easy to switch off your feelings especially when someone you work with is making you very angry.

Their careless approach to a job you're working on jointly will reflect badly on you unless you say something soon.

If a partner or someone who is equally as close tries to interfere with your plans, at least listen to their ideas and suggestions.


Those in high places are impressed by your dedication and commitment. You've been awarded a plum assignment and you intend to prove to everyone you are capable of completing the task efficiently.

If you're planning a celebration, whether it is for family or your community you will want to make certain everyone has a wonderful time.

This could be one of the biggest occasions on your calendar this September.


Your family will welcome your help with domestic chores.

You don't mind rolling up your sleeves and getting jobs done.

Are you single? A first date may not go as expected.

If you have a steady partner, they may ask to postpone joint arrangements you had been excited about.

It's unlikely you will make it easy for them which suggests plans will go ahead as you had originally discussed but somehow it just won't feel right.