Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, September 11:


You might take a look at your life and wonder how you ended up with so many time-consuming commitments.

You will just want to throw off the demands of duty and throw yourself into pastimes that make you happy.

For this reason routine activities will get the thumbs down. You could do with more excitement, more adventure and new challenges.

These are the desires you should follow as much as possible.

Be imaginative.

Be creative.

Have fun.


You're about to make a decision that will have long-term consequences.

Before doing so, consider whether you are allowing past experiences influence your judgement.

Disappointments are not going to be repeated.

Things are different now.

If you're giving the past too much control over your present you could miss out on something wonderful.

Be sure to check transport arrangements and timetables if you are travelling and anticipate some delay.


You feel strongly about a cause that relates to vulnerable members of your community and that's why you will volunteer to help in any way you can.

You are determined that a planned meeting will go ahead even though there is talk about postponing this.

Later in the week there'll be a need to knuckle down to work.

You've taken on a few new commitments and they can't be expected to take care of themselves.


Saying the first thing that comes into your mind might not be a good idea especially if this is likely to upset someone you care for.

Sometimes, keeping your thoughts to yourself is the best option and this will certainly help avoid arguments or embarrassment.

If a journey is delayed, it would be sensible to let anyone who might be expecting you know that you are likely to be late.

Take any opportunity to use your natural talents.


You might sense as you begin the week that something is not quite right.

A sudden twist in circumstances around Wednesday will make it apparent your intuition was bang on target.

It's going to be difficult to work out how successful a new work schedule is going to be until you have seen the figures.

Even if there are hurdles to overcome, in all areas, don't give up too quickly.

It will be those who persevere who will gain the most.


There will be benefits in offering to help a friend or workmate with a job they need to get finished.

Once it is complete, they will help you with a task you aren't enjoying and together you will make short work of anything you tackle jointly.

In this week of ups and downs, try to see problems as exciting challenges to overcome.

You won't want to give up too easily as you realise the importance of keeping at it until the job is done.


All will go well for you during the first few days of the week.

News you had been dreading receiving will actually be better than expected.

Meetings, interviews and appointments will not be as tense as anticipated.

In the medium and even the long-term, you can now be cautiously optimistic about what might lie ahead.

Change is going on in your life now and new activities and events are about to take place.

This will give you a chance to expand your skills and knowledge.


You intuitively sense the best way forward will be to do what it takes to improve your skills and abilities.

You won't let doubts or negativity that held you back in the past get in the way of your progress.

This time you will be more assertive about going after what you want.

Professionally, if you feel undervalued, more should be done to highlight your skills, qualifications and achievements.

You need your boss to appreciate the valuable contribution you make to the workplace.


There's the potential to develop a deeper understanding between you and a business or loving partner.

The more time you spend with each other, the stronger the bond will become.

If you are single and can feel yourself falling in love, be brave; this would be a great time to ask for a date.

Your ideas to improve a work project may come in for some heavy criticism and yet by the end of the week those who opposed you will suddenly offer their support.


Anything to do with work, study and research will proceed surprisingly slow.

Even workmates and fellow students who are usually quick to get the job done seem to be having problems.

You might get frustrated with yourself when you aren't as efficient as normal.

Away from work, a number of visits and newsy messages and phone calls will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Make the most of an unexpected twist in circumstances as the week ends.


If a new friend, colleague or neighbour seems overly generous, it would be sensible to be wary.

They may just be trying to be friendly or they could want something from you in which case they won't hesitate, in the future, to remind you of how much they have given you.

You do not want to feel you owe anyone a favour.

Be patient if the days bring delays, postponements or sudden changes to plans.

Persevere in your attempts to learn a new skill.


Being teamed up with someone you recently fell out with will give you a chance to discuss recent tense issues.

You will feel good to be able to spend more time with a friend or relative than you usually do.

You have a lot to do and having help will halve the amount of work.

A strong sense of determination will also ensure you succeed.

By the end of the week you will have done wonders in clearing annoying bits and pieces out of the way.