Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, September 25:


People will gather together to campaign against plans for your community that are causing a lot of contention. If you feel strongly about this issue, you will do your bit in trying to rally up more support. There is a competitive feel to your career and social environments. A senior colleague will be in a position to pull a few strings to help you achieve a goal but you must let them know your intentions.


Everyone needs time to relax and enjoy life. Voluntary and community groups are starting to provide more facilities to have fun while mixing and mingling. Be sure to make the most of these. Just be careful in your approach to financial affairs. New deals and contracts will affect you for better or worse depending on how much time and thought you put into them in the first place. It will be in your interest to take a considerate approach when dealing with others.


Your attention will turn to community affairs. The gap between the less well-off and the more advantaged seems to be widening. Plans are being put in place to give more people a chance to be treated fairly. Supporting a good cause will help restore a power imbalance. Someone you live with is making ambitious plans for the home. You will like their ideas but you need some time to prepare while they want to start on them immediately.


A community group needs more support. You will be asked to attend a meeting on their behalf. Everyone will be waiting with bated breath for the outcome and the pressure is on, for you to do well. Big ideas need careful planning. Acting on a spontaneous whim could be a costly mistake. Some unpredictable events will have some people grumbling about their lot but not you. You have felt for a long time that certain issues were overdue a change.


People working for the community should not be subjected to abuse and attack. Whether voluntary or in the course of your employment, you do not come into work to be abused verbally or physically. Visual deterrents can help de-escalate these kind of situations. Sometimes an act first and think about it later approach can work wonders and such a moment will occur as the weekends.


Issues will be discussed and addressed as people try to correct mistakes of the past. It will be important that you share your opinions when you are asked for them. Funding could be received following a successful pilot scheme. It will feel wonderful to have this investment into a worthy cause. A career change is in the offing. There will be none of the objections you had expected from your family.


A problem hasn't changed even though this has been going on for some months now. If you feel strongly about this matter you might gather people together to campaign for something definite to be done. Your expertise will be highly valued. A neighbour will do you a favour. You won't take their kindness for granted and will offer to do something for them in return. They won't have expected this and they will be delighted.


Sudden disagreements could put a block on group activities which up until now, had been going well. You know you can work successfully as a team and you are certain that you will do so again once you overcome the problems now facing you. This would be a great time to start to ease yourself away from tiring commitments that are starting to make you feel restricted. Think about booking a holiday.


Lively and sociable describes your activities with friends and neighbours. Group activities make this a good time to let your natural zest for action go to your head. Your enthusiasm for new projects will be contagious. Have fun and make the most of the sociable spirit around you. Information you should have been given some time ago will be received and now you will know why you weren't told about this at the time.


You hate to admit it when you are feeling restless. People know you as being cautious and controlled but you can have your fidgety moments too. Others won't notice this so much if you are on the move or if you keep yourself busy with a variety of tasks. You may not like the direction some conversations take later in the week when you gather changes have been discussed in the past without your knowledge.


A pushy colleague or relative will try to make decisions for you. They may have done this already in the past and although you don't want to make waves, it is time to let them know you have a mind of your own. If they don't want to hear, deliberately doing the opposite to what they expect will get the message across. You could do with a change of scenery and travelling to a place you don't visit often will lift your spirits.


There's a cloud of doubt and suspicion hovering over a close friendship. Someone hasn't been honest with you and you don't feel comfortable with certain aspects of this relationship. A heart to heart talk is recommended as you won't be at ease in their company until an issue has been settled. You're growing tired of being left with jobs other people don't like to do. Take a few days off work if possible then they will have no choice. Get in some relaxation.