Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 2:


Share any ideas you have that you think will work. It doesn't matter whether this concern your home and family affairs, or your career.

If you believe in them, they deserve a chance.

Your family, friends and colleagues will think this too.

Make sure you arrange it so you have some time on your own or you could end up devoting every spare minute to helping others.

You don't want to end up with no time left to give to personal plans.


You have plenty of energy and enthusiasm is in abundance.

There is an aura of confidence and power about you.

Everyday jobs will be handled with ease.

Even new tasks will present little in the way of challenge as you instinctively know how best to handle these matters.

Make the most of and all opportunities to develop your creative talents.

Your belief in yourself is high and this is all down to you enjoying a more active social life.


You're growing bored with a project you took on some time ago.

You might wish you could press the fast-forward button and move on to the next job, even so it's important to finish what you start.

Try not to get cross with delays.

Other people have got their own work to do.

A relative is being awkward about a household matter.

It would be better for you if they made decisions more quickly but this isn't their style.


Your boss will ask for your views on potential new projects.

Not only will they like your suggestions but they will want to experiment with a few ideas there and then.

This makes it as good a time as any to press for some career changes you would like to make.

Family relationships will be harmonious but try to avoid a tendency to become moody when things on the social scene don't go your way.


You're facing some ups and downs financially.

If you're struggling to balance accounts, a financial advisor will help you get your affairs in order.

In areas where you are working as part of a team, you will shine.

You have skills and talents that others admire and your hard-working approach is making a good impression.

If a private matter needs to be resolved it would be better to use your head instead of your feelings to reach a decision.


Getting involved in a community project is a chance to bring your talents to the fore.

You might take on an exciting challenge to do with a charity or fund-raising project.

An investment idea is worth looking into.

This could seem like one of the best decisions you've made in a long while, giving you a feeling that you are finally on top of your money situation.

You will welcome any chance you get to make a little money out of a hobby.


Take advantage of some positive communication trends to win over a friend or partner who has been dithering over joint plans.

It will feel good to finally agree on what must be done and to conclude this agreement.

You should have plenty to celebrate when a promotion or increase in salary will mean you can make some beneficial changes to your domestic scene.

Family life will be relaxed and harmonious in the weekend.


You can put the final touches to a difficult and demanding project.

Praise will come our way for a job well done.

A senior colleague who has hardly noticed you is starting to realise how good you are at your job.

An unexpected invitation from a distance could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to expand your social horizons.

Mutual money prospects prosper later on when a partner's good fortune will rub off on you.


You could reach an important turning point in your financial affairs.

Family life is changing slightly and this will call for a thoughtful decision concerning the domestic budget.

Because this is something you aren't rushing into, you will know you are making the right choice.

Your job or new social commitments may involve entertaining clients or officials from time to time and this gives you a great excuse to splash out on some new clothes and spruce up your wardrobe.


People will praise you for your recent hard-working efforts. Where you might get a little dispirited is when a newcomer in the workplace starts to take the limelight.

Don't let your feelings show. You both have the abilities or knowledge needed for a job you are taking on jointly so be willing to combine forces and enjoy the shared rewards.

A friend or neighbour will give you a favourable answer to a request you make in the weekend.


You can be very convincing when you turn on the charm and whatever you ask of others, it will be hard for them to turn you down.

Embrace a new opportunity with confidence and your enthusiasm will inspire your family and friends to join you in this venture.

Expect to feel compassionate towards those in need.

A fund-raising event will be a huge success.

A relative will be depending on you for some practical advice as the week ends.


Your bubbling enthusiasm for life will lead naturally to an energetic social scene.

The week will not lack moments of pleasure and leisure not to mention some wonderfully romantic evenings.

A friend who always has an eye for a bargain will put you on to the whereabouts of a great travel offer.

Even if you had no such plans, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

The domestic scene will be generally harmonious though your social life will be hectic at times.