Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 9:

Acting on the spur of the moment will come naturally to you. You will handle a variety of stimulating situations quickly and effectively and with your intuition being at high levels, you are likely to make some good moves. In addition to all of this, you could find yourself in the right place at the right time to capitalise on a lucky new opportunity. Just brilliant. Make the most of this positive trend.

A research project will turn out to be interesting and intriguing. There'll be a lot of interesting stuff in the archives. A relative will trust you with a secret and you will feel honoured they have chosen you as the one to confide in. A health question may have to be resolved later in the week. Don't ignore this as not being important. In all matters, a stitch in time will save nine.

Some challenging trends will keep you occupied and busy early on. It can feel restricting when demands from your family and friends hamper your own activities. Even so, you've never found it hard to perform two tasks at once and you will cope admirably. Your success in a number of areas will fire your enthusiasm and despite having less time than planned for personal aims, you will make pleasing progress towards a special goal.

You had made careful plans so it will come as some surprise when these don't go as expected. It might seem as if you're being given a cosmic test of some sort. Persevere and you will find a way to overcome stumbling blocks. Jobs you usually find easy could hit a few snags but don't let this get you down. You will want to prove to yourself and others you can cope with difficulties and you will stay calm under pressure.

You just want to get out and about and to enjoy any chance you get to mix with friends. You're so high on the local popularity stakes that there will be many invitations coming your way and you won't know which ones to accept and which to discard. You're wondering how you are going to complete an important job in time when the deadline given seems unrealistic. Don't worry you will get through a lot in a short space of time.

You have so much admiration for a friend or colleague who has been through many challenges. There's nothing wrong with showing your appreciation and how proud you are of their accomplishments. Sometimes it doesn't show but some people do appreciate words of praise and encouragement. A workplace issue that seems to be ignored is upsetting you. In the end this will be dealt with but not in the way you expected.

Patience will be needed in abundance. You may have to show masses of quiet understanding towards those you care about most. One person in particular will make comments or behave in a way that has you slightly confused. Diplomacy is key. Also, remember to laugh in the face of your troubles and they will soon disappear. An opportunity will be too good to miss. It will feel unreal. You get the chance to make up for something you have missed the most during the pandemic.

Your thoughts are on serious issues including what's going on in your personal life. Family arrangements are unusual and you aren't sure whether or not you approve of it all. If there is anything you aren't happy with, it will be important to voice your concerns before it's too late. You might feel forced to reconsider your priorities and end some commitments. Life will feel different due to the many changes that are going on.

You're popular in the workplace and on the social scene. You have a reputation for being warm hearted, good fun and generous. That's why everyone, even strangers, seem to know your name. Don't be surprised if you are invited to join a local club. It's also a time when you will be pouring cash into a home improvement program. Until you start seeing the results you will just have to hope it's going to be worth it.

A younger relative will hint they need a loan. Find out why before you agree to give them any money. A job offer will pave the way for you to embark on a more rewarding way of life. You might wonder why you took so long about making some much needed changes. At home and in the workplace, efficiency is the name of the game. Be ready to make a few re-adjustments as they are needed until new routines are established.

A friend needs a helping hand but when you hear what they are trying to do, you might advise them to approach a professional. What you will be happy to offer whenever anyone needs it is a sympathetic ear. Unexpected expenses will nudge you to reconsider plans of a long-term nature especially with regard to money. Occasionally disappointments can lead to wonderful transformations. This might well be one of those times.

You somehow complete a complicated task in half the time anticipated. This is certain to attract approval and praise from high up. Spend a little time, this week, thinking about your lifestyle. Is there any room for improvement? How can you live a little healthier? A get together later in the week will go better than expected. Most people will be on your wavelength and conversations will be relaxed and interesting.