Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 23:


A colleague is trying to pick your brains. You have information they need or are looking for. You need to consider whether this is something you are in a position to share. If they're trying to get you to reveal a secret, be very careful about how you respond. You aren't sure a team effort is going to be successful but there are others who are confident it will be. Just go with the flow and you won't be accused of causing delays or problems.


Trust is key and as well as having to put your trust in a partner, you also need to trust yourself. When doubts enter your head, put the brakes on your thoughts. You need to know you are giving all you have got to a joint effort. A youngster in the family needs pointing in the right direction. A decision they are making isn't easy for them. They need to follow their heart and not their head. Whatever choice they make, you will be there to support them.


Someone wants you to give your views and opinions. Is it time they started thinking for themselves? You might intuitively feel that giving them honest and detailed answers will not be good for you. They may, for instance, pass your ideas off as theirs and you will find this really annoying. It will be the simple things in life like reading a book, cooking a meal and gardening that will help you relax when you're feeling tense or nervous.


Everyone needs a little support every now and again and you don't mind helping out a friend in need. Before you do, work out exactly how much time you are able to give them or they might expect you to be there for them constantly. You could pick up something useful while catching up on local gossip. A job vacancy or new training scheme you hear about will give you something to think about later when you are on your own.


A few friend will try to drag you into a contentious issue. This is something you just don't want to get involved in. Insist on sitting on the fence. The last thing you want is an argument and you know that the moment you state your views, someone will disagree with you. Leave them to get on with it without you. An unexpected offer could mean a big leap for you if you decide to take it up. You will be tempted to give it a go.


You will make a half-hearted effort at getting routine chores out of the way but you would rather spend your time doing something different. You're annoyed with yourself for having turned down an offer because you didn't have the nerve to say yes. If there is still a chance to change this, contact someone who can help you. Energy levels will be low later on but after a day's rest, your outlook will brighten considerably.


This could be one of those rare times when someone up there' tips luck straight into your lap. You won't be slow in taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities now on offer. Striving to reach a mutual goal will keep a friendship cooperative. Take advantage of harmonious relationships in the home by devoting more time towards improving communications in the family and putting passion back into a loving partnership.


The more careful and organised you are the more likely you are to get results. Stay focused on the job in hand. Others may want to experiment with new ideas; you will prefer to stick with tried and trusted methods. It would feel good to be in a different situation than the one you find yourself in later. You might feel as if you are going through the same experiences repeatedly and getting nowhere. One way to break out of this rut would be to pull out of a long-term arrangement.


You will be invited to join a team effort. Don't feel you haven't the talents or qualifications to be of any help. Bring everything you possibly can to the team as no effort will be too small. Put your trust in your team members. They will also contribute in any way they see fit and together you will soon have something to celebrate. There'll be a lot of fun when mixing with the sort of people who enjoy the great outdoors.


There's a high level of uncertainty around a joint project. Are you allowing past experiences to hold you back from doing what you really want to do? Whatever it is you really want, there is no better moment to act than the present one. Honest communication is essential in all relationships. Someone's little white lies could lead to a huge misunderstanding when they trip over their words. Be sure that this is not you.


Arguments in the home are starting to get you down. Since no one is willing to back down, a quick breakthrough seems a distant prospect. Resist playing mind games with housemates. There will be a few weeks before you know whether going ahead with a new scheme will be a right decision. What's important is that you do make a decision and you do take action. Sitting on options and possibilities will move nothing forward.


You're finding it fun to experiment even though not everything you do will be successful. In fact, having a go with different techniques could mean you will be taking twice as long as usual to complete mundane tasks and duties. This won't bother you because you will be enjoying taking a different approach to your home and workplace routines. You might exploit the benevolent aura around you later in the week to ask someone for a favour.