Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 30:


If a job you are working on seems beyond your capabilities either ask for help or leave it for another day and return to it when you are in a better frame of mind. It will be pointless struggling on when you are getting nowhere. Not to mention: a complete waste of your time. Family news will put you in a more positive and hopeful mood. Sharing your happiness will make the world a better place for your friends and loved ones.


Expect a surge of support for a project, campaign or enterprise you are helping to set up. Word has got round and there will be plenty people showing their interest before it has even been advertised. This is the confirmation you need that you are doing the right thing. Relationships at work are changing. Meeting up outside working hours is helping build solid friendships. ' Nurturing a garden as a hobby brings more delight than creating a garden out of necessity or obligation.


There's a lot of restlessness that is making you want more out of life. You crave excitement, variety and something different. Setting off on a spontaneous journey will seem like a great idea. A trip to a place that was a part of your childhood will bring back happy memories. If you must work on jobs that require concentration don't expect to make fast progress with anything that is finicky and complicated.


You wish someone close would stop reminding you of your past failures. They seem to expect you to make similar mistakes again. You are ready to start looking to the future and this may mean asking them to stop harping on about the past. Just as if you decide to make some changes in your life and there are objections from your family or colleagues, this should not stop you from going ahead with anything you intend to do.


A colleague's careless attitude will be revealed and this could surprise you. This is someone you have always respected but it will turn out they have been pushing their work and responsibilities onto others. A lot of the achievements they have taken credit for were not their own. You're surprised by how some people can look as if they're busy without actually doing anything. It will be a decision failure that will highlight their incompetence.


A relative will make you a generous offer from out of the blue. Your first reaction will be to turn them down but this would upset them. If you're struggling financially, it will be a relief to have someone who is willing to help out. You can also rely on their discretion. Very soon you will hear the results of an official meeting. What has been decided is likely to change your life and it will be a relief to finally know where you stand.


Personal relationships could be better. A misunderstanding in the home causes some tension. Professionally, there's a cloud of deceit in the air. Be careful about who you trust. Your attention is drawn to financial, property, investment and insurance matters. Anything of such importance needs to be sorted out immediately. You would like to have more time to consider the possible implications of new projects. Talking to a practical friend will help.


You feel you are being rushed into making an important decision. Ask for the advice of a friend who knows a thing or two about the concerns that are on your mind. This will reinforce the idea that you are making the right choice. Social activities could be more expensive than expected. It might be worth setting a spending limit at the start. Also when it comes to money, don't be tempted by quick profit ventures.


The longer an argument goes on the more it seems to play into a competitor's hands. The general thinking is that you have to tackle some challenges early on or you will run out of steam. This won't be so. Don't be in a rush. Aim for steady progress. Now is a good time to put forward plans and ideas both in your private and working lives. Don't think you should leave these until later in the year or opportunities will pass you by.


Money is tight. Setting up a new budget should help you get on top of your debts and you will feel more in control of your finances. You have your days mapped out before you and although there are dozens of things you are hoping to get through, you will manage it all. With you being so organised, it is almost guaranteed that everything will go according to plan. People working with you will be relieved to let you take the lead.


A friend or relative could do with a word of advice and even some practical assistance. It may be inconvenient having to put some of your own plans aside to help out but you won't begrudge this. You can sense how much your help means to them. Besides, you like to feel people know you are there for them when they need you. A Libran friend will help you to make up your mind about a private dilemma.


A joint project will feel as if it is moving in slow motion. You need to be patient as you wait for other people to get organised. It can be frustrating to find that others in your immediate world aren't as dedicated to getting down to business as you are. If you are romantically inclined, one way to forget your worldly worries will be for you and your partner to lose yourselves in a warm cocoon of romance.