Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, November 6:

A health and safety issue will crop up in the workplace.

Although a person won't be seriously injured, a minor accident will have those in power looking at ways of improving safety.

You may be asked to give your views.

You will be getting on great with a work or romantic partner and it will seem as if you can read each other's minds.

This helps you anticipate their reactions and you will be making suggestions with their needs and feelings in mind.

Partnership matters are progressing as you had hoped.

Past careful planning will be paying off handsomely now.

Outside relationships may not be going as well, in fact some are iffy and you will get the feeling a friendship is not as compatible as you first thought.

You have been uncertain about some ideas housemates have been talking about but now the time has come, you will welcome new opportunities with open arms.

Be patient with a friend who has a massive chip on their shoulder.

They may feel uncertain about how they stand in a romantic situation.

This bothers them more than they are letting on and because you know everyone who is involved, you may be able to reassure them.

An older relative's comments and criticism has been upsetting you.

Their attitude has stifled your imagination but they won't be so critical of your ideas now.

Agreeing to do a small favour for a friend or neighbour could lead to them asking for another and then another.

You might suddenly find yourself in a situation you aren't happy about.

You shouldn't have to feel obliged to help them.

You expected a partner to be negative about some of your plans.

These involve activities they aren't normally interested in so it will come as some surprise when they urge you to make a decision that you feel is right for you and they even offer to help you.

Requests to cover for colleagues who are absent either for health or holiday reasons keep coming your way.

You already have plenty to do of your own and you could do without this added pressure.

Somehow you will fit it all in although when you look back on it all you will wonder how you found the time and energy.

Confirmation of a long-term project will be great news for you and this gives you something to look forward to.

A group project could do with your help.

You have the skills and expertise to make this a worthwhile venture.

Time spent with like-minded friends will be enjoyable. Some interesting and exciting news will come your way around Wednesday and this will take you back.

The biggest surprise is what a big impression you have made on an official person.

A plum assignment will be offered to you and this will be one you will be delighted to take on.

Tread with care in the workplace. Be discreet about your plans.

If you are hoping for a promotion you are more likely to get your wish by proving how determined, hard-working and discreet you can be.

A family dilemma won't be easily resolved.

You may think you have said your final word about future plans but others think differently.

A housemate will want to reopen discussions in the hope you will change your mind.

Group activities will be fun, stimulating and at times, sensational.

People you are just getting to know seem to know how to add spice and interest to a team effort.

Just don't neglect your old friends. Someone who was once very close to you could do with your advice or support.

For a moment it will look like a neighbour or colleague is having a secret affair but appearances can be deceptive.

A friend has a big problem and they will come to you for advice.

You know someone who could probably help them.

You might feel guilty about making use of your contacts but at the same time you would like to help resolve a frustrating dilemma.

Money is an area where there could be dispute.

Someone in the family is spending cash with no thought of tomorrow. Remind them that there are bills that need to be paid and it is unfair of them to expect you to cover all joint expenses.

Ideas that sounded nothing more than wishful thinking recently are starting to take hold.

The more you talk about them, the more you and others will start taking them seriously.

It will be exciting to realise that some thoughts do have the potential to be turned into reality.

Plan well in advance as you always like to do and this could be the start of a pleasing and very rewarding phase for you.

A neighbour has plenty to say about a recent incident.

They will expect you to go along with their suggestions but these may not be sensible or realistic.

It might be a better idea to approach a sensible friend and seek their advice.

You know you can trust someone who has been helpful in the past and they will happily assist you now.

A chance to improve your career standing may not be what it seems to be.

Look into this offer very carefully.

Take a cautious approach to legal matters, finances and business affairs.

Someone will try to push you to sign the dotted line before you feel ready to do so.

Wait until you have gone through contracts with a fine-toothed comb. Ask for professional advice if you still feel uncertain.

A group project is going well and you are all aware that plans won't succeed without everyone being able to give them more time.