Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, November 13:

Think about it more before taking up a senior colleague’s proposal. As tempting as they might make this offer sound, there are things they aren’t telling you. There’s every chance they are motivated by what is best for themselves and not for you. Someone you live with feels as if their ideas aren’t getting the respect they deserve. When they aren’t happy, the rest of your household will feel miserable too. You might ask how you can make them feel more included.

You will find it less stressful to stick with jobs you are familiar with. Taking on some overtime will provide you with a great excuse to pull out of family or social plans you hadn’t been keen on. There is someone you want to avoid for a peaceful life. Decisions you have to make concerning your career should be based on logic. A colleague is too emotional and you can see how letting feelings get in the way is holding them back.

A shopping trip with a friend who has an eye for a bargain will be both fun and productive. They will not only help save you a lot of money but they will spot something you have been looking for at a price you can afford. It won’t be easy to get your views across regarding a family issue. An older relative is determined to have the last word and it doesn’t matter what you say, they have already made their mind up.

Someone in the family is trying to persuade you to part with your cash. Whether it’s to buy something they can’t afford for themselves or they are wanting a loan, don’t feel obliged to go along with their suggestions. You and a partner need to do some research about the risks of going into a new joint venture. Once you’ve talked about it, this will seem like the right thing to do and at least you aren’t rushing into anything.

If you aren’t making improvements to your home you and your family will be discussing the possibility of relocating. You could be swapping the city for the countryside or vice-versa. Only when you are all in agreement will you take action on such a big move. You’re determined to make a good job of a task you take on and because you are serious about this, you will strive for success at all costs.

You have always paid attention to detail. You would rather take your time with a task and get it right first time than rush it and have to do it all over again. You know that one small error could take hours or even days to put right and that’s why you are annoyed with someone who is working alongside you whose carelessness could cost you, too. A young relative will make it through to the final of a competition. They would appreciate your company and support.

You feel irritated with the way a workmate or fellow student is leaving you to do all the work. You don’t like to say no but you also don’t like the way they are taking your kindness for granted. As much as you hate making waves, it is time to stand up to them and encourage them to do their fair share. A change of scenery is what you could do with right now. Getting away from familiar places and faces will allow you to see your life from a different perspective.

Curb any impatience that makes you want to see results when the more care you put into what you do, the better the consequences. If you rush at anything or into anything, it is highly likely the wrong decisions will be made. Your best friend will introduce you to their new partner. This could produce some bitter feelings when this is someone you knew in the past you never expected to see again.

You’re tired of listening to other people’s opinions. A lot of time is being wasted in discussion. You will prefer to get on rather than sit around talking about what everyone intends to do. If others don’t take action soon, you will move forward without them. A neighbour will want to discuss a recent event with you. They are hoping you will feel as strongly about this as they do but you sense they are making mountains out of molehills. Don’t get involved.

You did not expect to have to take over a job that puts you in the limelight. You much prefer working behind the scenes but you may have to step in at the last moment to stand in for an absent colleague. Nothing is ever completely straight forward but you will cope admirably. Disturbances and distractions in the neighbourhood could be affecting your sleep. There will be many complaints as residents get together, hoping something will be done about this soon.

Discussions go round in circles. You are well aware of some people’s opinions as they are making sure they have their voices heard. Now you have heard them, you will act according to your own carefully considered views. Life will slow down to a more leisurely pace later in the week and this should give you the chance to pause and reflect. As you do you will know that in all important matters you have made the right choices.

Your intuition rarely lets you down and you are normally good at reading people. Occasionally though, you get it wrong. Someone who is new to your workplace is good at hiding their true feelings and for once, you can’t work out whether or not you are going to work well together. Time will tell. Family life is due some changes and you have a few ideas in mind for the future but you aren’t yet ready to discuss these.