Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, December 4:

Someone’s suggestion to try a new hobby will get your immediate interest.  If you do not know this person well, you will do so, soon. Activities shared will bring you closer together. This could mark the start of a romance for you if you are single. A housemate will suggest you don’t have time to take on anything new but you will feel differently. You aren’t going to change your mind once you’ve decided on something.

You don’t expect everything to go as anticipated. That’s why you will leave yourself time for the unexpected. What you do intend to keep perfectly planned is finances. You will keep to your budget this Christmas and this will call for you to start preparing well in advance. You’ve always been savvy to consumerism and nothing will tempt you to make purchases you can’t afford.A workmate’s selfish behaviour will surprise you. You’re starting to realise just what kind of person they really are.

Promises you made someone can’t be fulfilled. Other obligations will get in the way and you might feel guilty now for having put yourself in this position. You aren’t deliberately trying to get out of an obligation although someone will accuse you of doing so. Midweek is not a good time to make a big decision about your health or career.  There will be occasions when you might choose to take action, no matter what anyone else might say.

It’s all due to your skills, knowledge and past experience that you are able to resolve a workplace problem.  Those in high places will be suitably impressed and this puts you in line for a promotion. Discussions around Thursday will make it pretty clear someone has been keeping something secret from you. Once you’ve had a chance to think about it you will decide that what was once important to you doesn’t really matter anymore.

You’re ready to move ahead with plans recently discussed. Results will be quickly seen and this will make it possible to get even further ahead with this later in the week. You are justified in feeling proud of your efforts when you hadn’t expected to make such good progress. Other people will benefit from the decisions you are now making and because of this you won’t be short of support to help you achieve your aims. In fact, help is always at hand when you need it.

You have a hard working nature and you are used to coping under pressure. Responsibilities are increasing and you handle this well. You are prepared as you expected this to be a busy time but others aren’t as organised. It will be up to you whether or not you help them. Services will be disrupted later. This won’t affect everyone when the problem seems to be geographically localised. This is why some people find it hard to believe what is going on.

When you think about all you have to do this month, you might realise you’ve taken on more than you can comfortably handle. It’s not going to be easy to escape some commitments now you have made them but you might consider reducing your responsibilities. Are you single? A colleague has a Christmas twinkle in their eye. They will make it obvious they have a romantic interest in you at one of the first Works festive get-together you attend.

You would be bored without anything to do. That’s why if you have recently finished a project, you will need something new to get your teeth into. Besides, accepting new responsibilities is the best way, at present, to gain further challenges. The pleasure you get from taking these on will fill any gaps in your life. A work or social event will not go exactly as planned which will be disappointing but considering new approaches is all you need to do to turn this situation back in your favour.

You hadn’t expected so many people to object to your plans and ideas. This makes you wonder where you are going wrong and what made you expect a more enthusiastic response. Did you miss out on some conversations that would have given you a better impression of other people’s feelings? Whatever your plans, don’t give up. Eventually others will come round to your way of thinking and before the week is over, the Wheel of Fortune will spin in your favour.

You could be neglecting other matters due to you devoting yourself towards one specific area. On realising this you will also see the sense of taking a more flexible approach to everything you do. A career matter you’ve been worried about isn’t showing any signs of being resolved. You’re tired of having this hanging over you and you are ready to take action to put this problem behind you once and for all. This may involve issuing an ultimatum.

You might regret having turned down a recent offer or opportunity. You feel you are missing out now. Go back and show your interest. It isn’t too late to try again and it could turn out the chance is still there to take someone up on their offer. A gift you had been hoping to buy someone could cost considerably more than expected. If you spend some time shopping around, you could find a suitable alternative at a more affordable price.

A group effort is taking up a lot of your time and energy. A lot is being expected from you. Taking some time off, occasionally, will do you good. You have a rough idea on what to expect from a test or interview that’s scheduled for later in the week. Even so, it won’t be until you get the results that you will breathe out a huge sigh of relief. Some team bonding and having a great time will keep you relaxed in the weekend.