Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, December 11:

There is something important you need to do. You don’t have time to wait around for the support you are hoping for. Other people have other things to do so just get on with it. Stick to your own plans and decisions. You can’t judge your own mood depending on where a partner, housemate or close friend is. Just because they’re upset or angry about something you should not let this make you feel anxious too. It might even help them if you stay calm. 

A workmate will achieve something amazing. This will inspire you to want to make similar accomplishments yourself. If this means taking a course to develop skills, so be it. Success will come through hard work and steady effort. A practical friend will be incredibly supportive in helping you do something you want to do. All going well, will help make a difference to your community. A fund raising project is being planned. Expect to play a big part in the proceedings.

There is pressure on a group to meet a deadline and yet there is not enough help or resources for them to achieve this. If you are in a leadership role, your priority will be to get in extra support for your staff. You’re focused on other people’s needs, but what about you? It may not be so noticeable early on, but stress and tension could lower your resistance to illness unless you find ways to relax more.

A heavier workload is expected in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This in turn could affect your health. Having to take on more responsibilities with little choice about it will drain your energy very quickly. Thursday is a good day to reflect on what you want from life in the long-term. Are you single? A friend or neighbour might play matchmaker and will hook you up with someone who is perfect for you.

You might wonder how you do it and as so often happens when the ambitious side of your personality gets the better of you, you will not stop until you achieve your goals. There will be very little you willingly allow to stand in your way. A Christmas gift you intend to buy someone special will be meaningful to them without it having to cost you a huge amount. For this person, it will always be the thought that counts.

Someone you had been counting on to help you, will pull out of arrangements at the eleventh hour. Since it is important to you that you continue, you may need to go it alone. Be sure to congratulate yourself once you achieve your goals. Problems in the family will cause some tension. Something needs to be discussed and brought out into the open. This has been avoided for too long. Take the initiative if no one else will.

A past event or controversy can be looked at from a few different angles. After talking to other people involved you might realise that misunderstandings have got in the way and it is time to put this behind you. Encourage others too, to forgive and forget. After all, the Season of Goodwill is now upon us. A fair but firm system will be created in the workplace to allow everyone to feel recognised and valued.

Whenever you meet up with or work alongside a certain person, they always seem to sap your mental energy. This will make you more reluctant than you care to admit to continue your links with them. If you feel someone is taking your hard working nature for granted it may be time to cut ties. You take everything very seriously but are you pushing yourself too hard without realising it? Stop and listen to your body. Aches and pains should not be dismissed as something you have to put up with.

You’re rushed off your feet. There’s little chance to do what you really want until you get some jobs out of the way. You might feel deflated after conversations with a workmate or housemate when you have to explain everything many times over. This seems to be wasting a lot of your time. Stress related illnesses could start to slow you down. Prevention would be better than cure. You can’t do everything. Is it time to delegate?

You like to be organised and this Christmas is no different to previous ones when you have planned ahead very carefully. Because of this, Christmas shopping isn’t likely to be a big drain on your resources. There’s gossip in the air. You will know a good deal more about some rumours that reach your ears than is being said but you don’t intend to say. In fact, it will be to your advantage to keep some things to yourself.

An annual festive event will be a very different experience to what you were expecting. This gathering won’t be a reflection of what has gone on before. It will have been organised more carefully. People will be getting together with business and event owners to make full use of this chance to light up your community. Do your best to relax and be your natural self if you are attending an important business meeting or interview.

Excitement is building. You might wonder: can the drama get any better than this? You may be surprised by how things go when nothing is very predictable and yet everything seems brighter and new relationship developments bring you a new sense of hope. If you’re wondering whether you can trust a colleague, watch their body language. This will help you detect whether or not they are telling you the truth. In business, this will be a great time to make new contacts.