Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, December 18:

You want to do your bit for the community. A lot of the work involved in a group effort will rely on volunteers and charities. A bit of a rethink is taking place about rules in an academic situation when it is thought that new procedures are stifling development. If you are single and feeling a little lonely, then a festive get-together could provide you with a perfect opportunity to get back on the dating scene.


Your skills are in demand and in meetings, tests and interviews you will shine. A senior colleague will give you some useful advice and you will look back on this time and be grateful for the part they played in putting you on a new career path. You might be feeling nervous about getting involved in a big social project. It may be possible to give your support from behind the scenes and this is where you will feel more comfortable.

Are you single? There is a surprise in store at the office Christmas party. A working relationship could come a step closer to being a friendship or even romance. This will be with someone who is on the same rung of the ladder and if you’re working closely together this will ease a lot of the pressure you had previously felt. An older relative’s honesty will put your mind at ease about a family matter that has been worrying you.

You will throw yourself into new commitments and you will get a lot of satisfaction from your hard working efforts. If you are involved in any form of group project, a chance to meet new faces or visit places you’ve not been to before, could come your way through these activities. You’re worried about a relative who is living hand to mouth. If you feel there are benefits they should be applying for, this might be the time to suggest they try.

Instead of getting into your usual routines you will be tempted to grasp an offer that appears to be far more exciting. Look before you leap. If you jump into a situation without looking you will discover there are hazards lurking in the background. A cautious approach would be better. Your life could never be boring when a certain someone is around. If you’re single, wake up to the fact there’s something more than friendship between you and another.

People who had promised to be at a meeting or interview might not turn up. This is doubly annoying in that they had information you needed to know. A colleague will help out when you find yourself in a bit of a dilemma and much to your surprise they won’t expect anything in return. Your independent spirit comes to the fore. The more you do for yourself and the more you work on what you hope to achieve over the months ahead, the greater will be the respect that others show to you.
Someone in the family has plans that could make it difficult to make ends meet in the future. You aren’t being unreasonable in asking them to revise their ideas. Be careful about what you say and who you say it too especially when out with friends. When you aren’t really thinking about what’s being said or who is listening, someone could catch you off guard while you’re indulging in gossip. It would be sensible too, not to listen to rumours.

An impulsive relative or housemate will take one too many financial risks. You aren’t surprised that this leaves them short of cash. Neither are you surprised when they turn to you for a loan. If this is becoming a habit, you might warn them this is the last time you are getting involved. A workmate will have some interesting suggestions on how to improve a work project but for now, you might prefer to leave things as they are.

Avoid discussing anything to do with religion, spirituality, politics or money if you want an easy life. You will want gatherings to be harmonious. Someone will take a festive get-together as an opportunity to push their views onto others and such subjects will only lead to arguments. It will be demands, distractions or a lack of concentration that prevents you from getting on with some important personal business. Even so this has to be done. See to it in the weekend.

A friend will let you down badly. Their excuses are at odds with other facts you happen to be aware of even though they don’t know this. Now you are fully aware of the situation and of the part they are playing in this, you will deal with the problem so it never occurs again. You’ve always taken a serious approach to work, family life and relationships. A new partnership will be built on a joint belief of sharing responsibilities as well as the good things in life.

It may not be as easy as you had hoped, to sort out a financial problem. This may involve delving through drawers, cupboards and filing cabinets to try to find past receipts and invoices. Travel plans are thwarted when a trip you had been hoping to take will be fully booked. You might wish you made the booking earlier while you had the opportunity but other similar offers will come your way. 

 In work and social activities, keep to the sidelines. Colleagues and others involved in a group project will be determined to do things their way. Any suggestions you have about trying a different approach will lead to arguments. If you can’t get a job you are working on to go right for you, it will be important to keep working at it.  Have patience and don’t give up. You will succeed in the end. A close friend is thinking about going back to work after having been without a job for some time.