Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, January 8:


You're determined not to run into problems you have had in the past year. This may mean you and the company you work for may have to be self-sufficient. Instead of having to rely on others to provide certain services you will be working on ways to bring these in-house. Your plans are aimed to bring the maximum benefit with the minimum of cost. The more flexible you are the more progress you will make.


An event is postponed. You have more time now to make sure that when it does go ahead, it will be even better than planned. Look on this as an opportunity not a problem. Colleagues seem to be in a mad rush. You may have to shout to make yourself heard. It doesn't make you comfortable to work in such a chaotic environment. An older relative will be frustrated after losing something they need. They will expect your help to find it.


Events are varied and will keep you on your toes. It doesn't matter if things don't go according to plan. Half the fun is the challenge of having to sort out minor difficulties. It helps that you aren't taking matters too seriously for there will always be a funny side if you look at it. Someone close is preoccupied with a personal matter they don't want to discuss. You respect their wishes but would love to be able to help.


You will get more out of the days and you will get along better with workmates and neighbours if you accept you live by a different set of values to those around you. Take note of the fact you're unlikely to alter someone's ideas no matter how hard you might try. With so many possibilities for pleasure opening up for you later, be certain you don't waste time and energy on trivial matters.


A domestic matter will cause some tension mainly because you can't agree on how to sort this out. You have plenty to say but be prepared, too, to listen to others. If someone is being too stubborn to listen to you, point this out to them patiently. This should lead to a suitable compromise. Someone close has had some bad luck and you will be determined to help them get back on their feet. Whatever happens, your efforts will be sure to bring a smile to their face.


A complete clear out in the home or workplace will need more than just your own efforts. You could do with some help but it will take a lot of persuasion to get others to support you. Despite them looking as if they have nothing to do they will conveniently have other matters to attend to. After a joint effort even others will agree that the results have made all the hard work worthwhile.


Travel plans look more positive than they have done recently. Even so if you're taking or planning a group holiday you may need to take charge. Others aren't making too good a job of keeping things simple and organised. Trust your instincts. Let your intuition guide your action. A diet low in fat and high in protein could make a difference if you admit to having been indulging too much in food and drink.


Tact and diplomacy will be necessary if you want to get anything done. Some people seem to think you will automatically go along with their suggestions but this isn't what you want to do. What's more you can't help feeling you are being pulled in separate directions. A phone call received at work or at home will request your presence in another place. This won't be easy to arrange when you had already made other commitments you can't get out of.


A heart to heart conversation will clear away a recent misunderstanding and you feel relieved you are able to talk openly once again. You can see the funny side of all the flared tempers and sulks but you might still decide that if a similar dispute crops up again in the future you will try to sort it out more amicably. You aren't convinced it will be as easy to start a new work project as your boss is making out.


After a busy start to the week, the end will be less strenuous. Don't fret over what does not get done earlier as there will be plenty of time to catch up with neglected chores. From Thursday you might even enjoy the chance to sit with your feet up whenever the mood takes you although you won't want to waste all your time doing nothing. You're cautiously optimistic about the outlook of an experiment being trialled in your neighbourhood.


Extra responsibilities are being pushed onto you whether you like it or not. These will have come with little in the way of warning. Forget those worries you have had about not being able to cope. Not only will you manage admirably but anyone working with you will be doing their best to cooperate. Keep telling yourself that all is going to turn out right in the end. Someone you feel very close to has some interesting news to share.


You're tempted to neglect a few responsibilities when something else that seems far more appealing comes along. If you cut too many corners this could make more work for you or someone else later in the month. They won't be happy and you will feel annoyed with yourself for having been careless. That's why you should give everyday chores the attention they need. Don't worry, there'll still be plenty of time for fun activities. You can balance work with play.